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Silber Pro Cycling Comments on Former Rider Positive Test Result

release by Silber Pro Cycling

November 27, 2014 (Montreal, Quebec) – Silber Pro Cycling is both disappointed and saddened to learn of the positive test result by one of its former riders, William Goodfellow. A rider’s use of banned substances contradicts Silber Pro Cycling’s adamant anti-_?doping stance, betrays his fellow racers, and undermines the values of fair competition.

Silber Pro Cycling supports the anti-_?doping activities of both the CCES and Cycling Canada’s Race Clean -Own Your Victory program because they help protect the health of the sport, fair competition and the welfare of athletes. The use of banned substances by William as reported would have been acquired and used as a result of his own misguided decisions.

Silber Pro Cycling is proud of its accomplishments and it’s over 20 wins last year. Moving forward, Silber Pro Cycling remains committed to building upon our successful 2014 campaign. We look forward in the coming weeks to announcing details, as well as our roster and both new and returning sponsors.

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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    Five Astana riders were caught this year so if there is a pattern in teams (and I think there is) I would double check every member of this team and also see if other more upright team members can be promted to expose more possible cheating Canadian riders.

    I will blame two things of many. One not enough good coaches that can produce good international riders in Canada (import more European and Australian coaches to coach riders and to teach local coaches) and the scurge of cheating mediocre riders who want to be what they are not, champions.

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