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Sign Petition to SAVE Quebec’s Route verte

release by the Route verte

August 28, 2015 – The Route verte is now under threat following the decision of the Quebec government to abolish its maintenance program. If nothing is done, the closure of major sections is expected in the short term.

The Route verte benefits the economy of Quebec and its regions. Network quality and safety circuits make it an important tourist attraction in the choice of Quebec as a cycling destination. After investing time and resources collectively for 20 years to develop, we have the means to stop the talk?

 ©  Route verte


The Route verte bikeway is the largest in America and is the pride of Quebec;
The Route verte is a unique achievement in North America with its 5,300 km cycling route;
5 million people use it annually and the six million Quebecers live in a town on it or within 1 km of the Route verte;
The Route verte runs through nearly 400 municipalities affecting three quarters of Quebecers;
The Route verte has a positive impact on health, the environment, Quebec branding and the mobility of its citizens;
The Green Route is an economic and social development tool for municipalities crossings. Cyclo-tourists often spend more travelling, for longer periods, and use more amenities than the “typical” tourist. Moreover, beyond the taxes collected by the government of Quebec related to these activities, a large number of companies benefit directly from these tourism expenditures: 500 certified establishments that “Welcome Cyclists”, plus restaurants, tourist attractions, regional products, bike shops, etc.


I sign the petition asking the Quebec government to maintain the Green Road maintenance program to preserve this jewel and economic and social development tool for our regions.

Route verte petition – to sign click here.

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