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Shimano Revamps Ultegra for 2010

release by Shimano

April 3, 2009 – The Shimano Ultegra road racing component group has been completely revamped to an increased level of perfection, similar to the improvements made in the new Dura-Ace 7900 series. Design of Ultegra 6700 series is inspired by aerodynamics, with a duotone silver color finish. Weight of the group has been reduced with 151 grams compared to the previous 6600 series (and -44 grams compared to Ultegra SL). New Ultegra offers a wide range of component options to suit all kinds of road cyclists, from enthusiasts to hard-core racers.

Crankset (Double, Compact & Triple)
The new crankset features Hollowglide technology; a hollow outer chainring construction to save weight and increase rigidity for an optimal power transfer and further improved shifting characteristics. This anodized Hollowtech II crankset will be available in three versions: Double (FC-6700: 53-39T, 52-39T), Triple (FC-6703: 52-39-30T) and Compact (FC-6750: 50-34T). Crank arm lengths: 165; 170; 172.5 and 175 mm. Weight: 785g (53-39T, 170mm with integrated Bottom Bracket).

Dual Control Levers
Ultegra Dual Control Levers ST-6700 feature carbon lever blades and cable routing underneath the handlebar tape. They feature a reach adjustment mechanism that will accommodate smaller hands and a wide assortment of bar bends.

The brake lever pivot is located closer to the rider for an improved controllability, especially when riding with the hands on top of the hoods. The weight is 445g per pair.

Rear derailleur RD-6700 will be available in two versions: SS (with a short cage) and GS (with a medium cage). The short cage version has a wide gear ratio with a maximum front difference of 16T and a total capacity of 33T. This means that it is compatible with a Shimano compact crankset (50-34T) and cassette sprockets of maximum 28T. The GS version is needed when using a triple crankset. This rear derailleur features a wide outer link design for extra rigidity and an aluminum pulley cage. Weight is 190 grams.

Shimano offers also two front derailleur options: FD-6700 for Double and Compact cranksets. FD-6703 for Triple cranksets. They feature a wide inner link with two pivots for extra rigidity and an improved chain guide design. The new front derailleurs provide a feather light down shift and smoother shifting stroke. Weight is 89g.

The Dual-Pivot caliper brakes feature new compound brake shoes just like the new Dura-Ace 7900 series. They offer doubled brake performance in wet conditions and improve stopping power also in dry conditions by 20 %. The brake calipers have been developed with an enhanced brake arch proportion for an increased linear response. The new caliper construction ensures an improved cable routing (especially with sloping frames) and reduced cable friction. The brakes feature a spring tension adjuster and adjustable toe-in brake shoes. Weight is 317g per set.

The new Ultegra Hyperglide 10-speed cassette will be available in a wide variation of combinations: 11-23T, 12-23T, 12-25T, 11-25T and 11-28T. Weight is 208g (11-23T). The new chain has a unidirectional design to reduce chain suck and improve shifting performance. This chain features perforated plates that help to reduce the weight to 267 grams.

Shimano introduces an Ultegra wheelset WH-6700 with hubs in the same color as the other new components. This wheel set is compatible with both road tubeless and clincher tires. They carry 16 straight, bladed, stainless steel spokes in front and 20 in the rear. It has a steel freehub body that is compatible with 8, 9 and 10-speed cassette sprockets. Weight is 1652 grams for a set (Front: 695 gr.; Rear: 957 gr.).

Also separate Ultegra hubs will be available featuring high quality sealing and cup and cone bearings. They have been developed with a steel freehub body and is compatible with 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes. Weight of front hub HB-6700: 156g. Rear freehub FH-6700: 354g.

Ultegra SPD-SL pedals PD-6700 will be available in a color matching the new components. Weight: 317g per pair.

Availability in the market:

– July 2009 (Ultegra Double)
– September 2009 (Ultegra Triple and WH-6700 wheel set)

For more information visit www.shimano.com

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