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Shimano Introduces 7900 Series Dura-Ace

June 2, 2008 (Peterborough, ON) – Shimano introduces the all new 7900 series Dura-Ace. The new mechanical Dura-Ace group loses over 135g while maintaining its legendary durability and improving performance and ergonomics.

Since 1973, Shimano’s Dura-Ace components have been at the forefront of pro racing and pro-level technology. Dura-Ace has continued its legacy of being proven in the peloton as well as serving as a launch pad for new technologies. Index shifting (SIS), integrated brake and shift levers (STI), and hollow forged cranks (Hollowtech II) have set Shimano’s Dura-Ace as the benchmark in road bike componentry.

FC-7900 Dura-Ace Crankset
The iconic Hollowtech II hollow forged crank has always been a benchmark for strength to weight performance characteristics and is the perfect platform for a crank intended to be used at the highest echelon of competition. Combined with a hollow outer chainring the crankset is 20% stiffer for optimal power transfer while still saving 15 grams. Other changes include redesigned chainring teeth for better contact and power transfer. Improved bottom bracket seals further reduce contamination and friction.

New for 2009, Shimano will also carry a Dura-Ace level compact crankset.

ST-7900 Dura-Ace Dual Control Levers
The new STI Dual Control levers offer a refined ergonomic shape while reducing the weight by over 40 grams. With a Shimano first, the new STI levers offer unidirectional carbon fiber lever blades which reduce weight and offer shift cables hidden under the handlebar tape for a more sleek design. Using a revised internal mechanism along with PTFE lined casing, the shifting is still as light as ever.

Shifting stroke for the rear derailleur has been reduced by 20% for quicker shifts and a built in reach adjuster allows for fine tuning the fit for riders with smaller hands.

The shifters continue to have integrated controls for the all new FlightDeck computer (SC-7900), which has been updated to include heart rate, altitude, grade, cadence, gear position, and directly downloadable data via a wireless connection. The new SC-7900 is completely wireless.

CN-7900 Dura-Ace Chain
The new asymmetric design of the Dura-Ace chain has redesigned plates that improve the contact interface with the cogs and reduce the chance for chain suck on the chainrings. Other improvements to the links provide greater durability and life with less noise and smoother function. The chain uses hollow pins and weight drops by over 18 grams even with the addition of a quick connection / removal link. A departure from the traditional Hyperglide connection pin, the SM-CN79 quicklink provides a reusable connection and removal point for the chain. The quicklink can be used on any Shimano 10-speed chain and the new chain can also be joined by a traditional Hyperglide 10-speed connection pin if necessary.

RD-7900 Dura-Ace Rear Derailleur
With a new carbon fiber rear pulley cage, the rear derailleur loses another 16 grams while maintaining durability and improving performance. The new design is compatible with wider range cogsets and can accommodate a maximum 28 tooth cog. The available wider range creates even better compatibility with compact cranksets.

FD-7900 Dura-Ace Front Derailleur
The new Dura-Ace front derailleur cage eliminates the need to manually trim the front shifting. Additionally, the redesigned, more efficient wide linkage and optimized spring tension combine for reduced shifting effort.

BR-7900 Dura-Ace Brakes
Increased linear response, improved braking power, and reduced weight all make their way into the latest version of the Dura-Ace brakes. A new brake pad compound doubles wet condition performance, while also improving dry power by 20%. Enhanced linear response comes from a redesigned caliper arch while a lower profile cable stop creates better lines for the cables and reduces cable friction. While other brakes ditch sensible features like a spring tension adjuster or adjustable toe, the new Dura-Ace brakes still come equipped with those features and manage to drop nearly 30 grams per pair.

FH-7900 / HB-7900 Dura-Ace Freehub and Front Hub
Both the hub and freehub body have evolved to designs that improve rigidity for efficient power transfer and quick handling. The bearings have been updated with a new tool-free bearing adjuster for quick bearing adjustments. The freehub continues with the durable titanium shell and quick engagement internals.

CS-7900 Dura-Ace Cassette
Shifting has been even further improved by creating an even more rigid (and lighter) aluminum carrier unit along with re-engineered teeth profile. Cassette design is lighter as Shimano has developed a super lightweight and rigid aluminum cassette sprocket carrier. The largest four cogs are titanium and weight is reduced by 10 grams. Available combinations will be: 11-21T, 11-23T, 11-25T, 11-27T, 11-28T, 12-23T, 12-25T, 12-27T.

True to tradition, Dura-Ace 7900 combines new technologies with features relevant to the highest levels of competition

Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 Series Product Information

FC-7900 Dura Ace Hollowtech II Crankset
– 20% stiffer than 7800 series crank
– Hollowtech II hollow forged arms
– Hollow chainring construction for added rigidity and light weight
– Re-profiled chainring teeth for more efficient chain contact and power transfer
– Available in FC-7950 compact gearing (50/34)
– Lengths available: 165 -180mm in 2.5mm increments
– Ratios available: 53/39, 52/39, 52/42, 54/42, 55/42, 56/44
– 15 grams lighter than 7800 series
– Bottom bracket seals improved to reduce bearing contamination and seal friction
– 725g (170mm) including bottom bracket

ST-7900 Dura Ace Dual Control Levers
– Unidirectional carbon fiber lever blades reduce weight without loss of durability
– Titanium clamp and fixing bolt
– New perch shape is more comfortable over longer distances
– Integrated reach adjuster provides a custom fit for even smaller hands
– Redesign internal shifter mechanism allows for hidden cable routing without increased friction
– Rear shift stroke reduced by 20% for faster rear shifts
– Revised brake cable pivot location provides better braking modulation
– 40 gram weight savings per pair over 7800 series
– FlightDeck ready with wireless integration and built in buttons
– 378g

CN-7900 Dura Ace Hyperglide 10-speed Chain
– Asymmetrical design allows the inner and outer plates to be optimized for front and rear drive shifting performance
o Outer plates designed to help reduce chain suck on the chainrings
o Inner plates designed to enhance the interface with the cogset for efficient power transfer
– Hollow pins for lighter weight
– New link designs improve drivetrain smoothness and reduce noise
– Uses new SM-CN79 quicklink reusable connection link for tool-free chain removal and installation
– Can still use 10-speed Hyperglide connecting pin
– 18 gram weight savings over 7800 series
– 252g

RD-7900 Dura Ace Rear Derailleur
– Carbon fiber rear pulley cage for lighter weight without loss of durability
– New geometry allows for use of 28T max cog along with 33T total capacity for use with wide range gear combinations
– 16 gram savings over 7800 series
– 166g

FD-7900 Dura Ace Front Derailleur
– Re-designed cage profile and linkage eliminates need to trim shifter in outer chainring
– More efficient wide linkage and optimized spring tension reduce shifting effort
– Wider linkage also shifts more positively under load
– 6 gram savings over 7800 series
– 68g

BR-7900 Dura Ace Brakes
– Revised caliper arches improve linear feel and modulation of brakes
– New pad compounds increase dry braking power by 20% and double stopping power in wet conditions
– Low profile stops create smoother cable routing for reduced lever effort and cable friction
– Spring tension adjuster to create a balanced set up
– Adjustable toe for optimum pad alignment
– 30 gram savings over 7800 series
– 293g/pr

CS-7900 Dura Ace Cassette
– New aluminum carrier unit is more rigid and lighter
– Re-profiled teeth create a more efficient chain to cog interface for best power transfer
– Largest four cogs are titanium construction
– Available combinations: 11-21, 11-23, 11-25, 11-27, 11-28, 12-23, 12-25, 12-27
– 10 gram weight saving over 7800 series
– 163g

SC-7900 Flight Deck Cycle Computer
– Gear indicator with virtual cadence
– Heart rate monitor
– Altitude & inclination
– Wireless computer
– Wireless PC connection

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