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Seamus McGrath Launches McGrath Cycling Coaching

release by McGrath Cycling Coaching

May 10, 2010 – After 19 years of competitive cycling, including two Olympic appearances, Seamus McGrath is happy to announce that he wants to share the knowledge and expertise he has gained by offering coaching services.

“I was looking for a way to share the invaluable knowledge of training for cycling I have gained over the years. I offer coaching for all levels of riders from mountain bike racing, road racing, and cyclocross. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking for ways to improve your riding or an aspiring professional cyclist, I can develop a comprehensive training program for you. I offer a unique coaching technique which involves the experience I have gained through my professional racing career.”

Visit www.CoachMcGrath.com for more info, or contact Seamus directly at (250) 686-1422 or seamusm@shaw.ca

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