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Scott Ontario MTB Cup #1 Woodnewton Report, Full Results

release by Superfly Racing

April 24, 2017 (Uxbridge, ON) – The Ontario Cup Series kicked off this past Sunday at Woodnewton, just south of Uxbridge. Bluebird skies, perfect trail conditions and a great atmosphere are crucial to starting the series on a positive note.

Luke Hlavenka  ©  Superfly Racing
Many exciting new changes marked the start of the series, with the 9am youth races brought to you by Caterpillar/Durham Shredders being a great new addition to the series. Now more than ever, new young riders can start on a less hilly, less technical course! Over 30 riders took advantage of this new initiative, while the more experienced riders aged 11 – 16 were able to race the more demanding, 10:00am race start.

Master Expert Men podium (l-r) Cauchi, Brusso, Sagle  ©  Superfly Racing
The big races of the day, the Expert/Elite races sure didn’t disappoint, and there is a real changing of the guard in the Men’s Elite Field. Taking the win was Liam Mulcahy of Maverix/Progressive, while Davis Ross of AWI Racing took second. Third place went to Uxbridge’s own Tyler “icicle” Orschel, of Maverix/Progressive, with fourth going to the Wily veteran Matt Martindill of Arrow Racing. Also on the podium in the fifth spot was Uxbridge’s Malcolm Barton, of Maverix.

Soren Meeuwisse  ©  Ivan Rupes
The Elite women’s field was dominated by Trek Canada’s Soren Meeuwisse, while second went to Elise Nieuwold of Angry Johnny’s. Third went to Centurion/ Next Wave’s Erica Leonard.

Capping off the day was a great BBQ, with proceeds going to youth racing, thanks to Maverix and Great Canadian Meats for taking care of the food. The Ontario Cup makes it’s next stop in Kingston, May 7th. This event is being run by Substance Projects, for information on Ontario Cup #2 visit here.

Sean Ruppel,
Superfly Racing


Junior Expert Women – 27.26km – 3 laps
1. Ruby West (Independent) 1:19:16
2. Sarah Fabbro (Trek Canada) 0:53.3
3. Dana Gilligan (Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 8:13.1
DNF Samantha Fuller (S&S Racing p/b Garneau and Frog Cycles)

Junior Expert Men – 35.32km – 4 laps
1. Scott Leonard (AWI Racing) 1:33:45
2. Calvin Loney (Angry Johnnys Evolution p/b Norco&Horseshoe) 1:47.9
3. Nicholas Diniz (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team) 1:48.9
4. Owen Fedorowich (Angry Johnnys Evolution p/b Norco&Horseshoe) 3:24.9
5. Thomas Hulton (AWI Racing) 4:40.2
6. Nicholas Emsley (AWI Racing) 4:57.7
7. Brandon Lee (Team Hardwood-Trek) 14:57.4
8. Jacob Goyette (Spoke OMotion Cycling Club) 18:33.8
DNS Jordan Fletcher (True Grit Cycling)

Senior Elite Women – 34km – 4 laps
1. Soren Meeuwisse (Trek Canada) 1:38:08
2. Elyse Nieuwold (Angry Johnnys Evolution p/b Norco&Horseshoe)  0:14.6
3. Erica Leonard (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team) 6:01.4
4. Heather Gray (Independent) 6:43.3
5. Paige Foxcroft (Angry Johnnys Evolution p/b Norco&Horseshoe) 9:29.0
6. Jenn Jackson (Independent) 9:34.5
7. Andrea Burley (Batemans Bike Co.) 10:47.5
8. Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycle Club) 12:11.8
9. Natascha Piciga (Giant Toronto-Liv p/b PowerWatts) 15:28.1
10. Janel Sauder (Independent) 17:04.1
11. Allison Sauder (Waterloo Cycling Club) 23:13.2
DNF Laura Bietola (Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)

Senior Elite Men – 43.39km – 5 laps
1. Liam Mulcahy (Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 1:48:38
2. Davis Ross (AWI Racing) 23.6
3. Tyler Orschel (Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 1:10.0
4. Matthew Martindill (Arrow Racing) 1:17.2
5. Malcolm Barton (Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 2:37.4
6. Peter Glassford (Trek Canada) 3:36.7
7. Luke Hlavenka (North Hub Bike Shop) 6:42.0
8. Jan Kocemba (Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 7:14.2
9. Corey Brioschi (North Hub Bike Shop) 8:21.1
10. Robin Wallar (Chrono Cycling p/b Giro Sport Design) 9:50.2
11. Jon Slaughter (Angry Johnnys Evolution p/b Norco&Horseshoe) 10:27.0
12. Brendan MacKillop (Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 13:34.4
13. Alex Lefebvre (Chrono Cycling p/b Giro Sport Design) 17:25.7
14. Timothy Carleton (Independent) 17:47.3
15. Trent Meyers (North Hub Bike Shop) 21:32.0
16. Bret Waghorne (Batemans Bike Co.) 22:18.8
DNF Brandon Wright (Spoke OMotion Cycling Club)
DNF Owen Flood (Progressive Sport p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNS Brandon Etzl (Energy Cycling Club)
DNS Eddie Skala (Energy Cycling Club)

Full results here.

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