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Scott Ontario Cup MTB #2 Report, Full Results – Worst Weather in Ontario Cup History

release by Superfly Racing

Scott O-Cup MtbMay 16, 2016 (Uxbridge, ON) – It is a day that will live in infamy. To be remembered alongside Pleasure Valley 2002, 24 Hours of Summer Solstice 2000/2009; weather so bad it would make you want to book a one-way ticket to the equator.  But, for those who decided to line up to do more walking than riding, it is surely a day they will never forget!

Cold and all-day rain Saturday made way for snow squalls and high winds Sunday – not a scene uncommon to Highlands Nordic…but in winter!  Organizer, Superfly Racing, made the best of it. “I’ve never been so close to cancelling a race as I was today – the weather was just so difficult, and with the clay-based trails, I knew the riders were in for a death march,” commented Sean Ruppel. He also took to twitter early in the morning, effectively discouraging riders from showing up!  In spite of it all, over 300 athletes showed up to help out their local bike shops with new cables and a tune-up!

A day like this makes for a very unique podium, with running and perseverance winning over bike fitness and technical skill.  Taking the win in the Junior Expert Men category was Brody Sanderson of Angry Johnny’s CC, while the winning Junior Expert Woman, from a family used to the top spot, was Sarah Fabbro of Trek Canada.  The Senior Elite Women’s field was very small, with all finishers leaving with hardware. Soren Meeuwisse of Trek Canada easily ran away with her second straight win, while two newcomers to the Elite Field, Andrea Burley and Paige Foxcroft of Angry Johnny’s took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Senior Elite Men’s field saw a Babe Ruth moment occur at the start line – both Peter Disera and Sean Ruppel of Superfly Racing called the win for Peter Glassford of Trek Canada – and the grizzled veteran did not disappoint, winning by over 5 minutes.  Second place again went to Liam Mulcahy of Progressive/Maverix, with third place going to the above mentioned Disera of Norco Factory team.

While we’ve recapped the day’s winners, everyone who battled the day’s conditions were true winners. The 2016 season has gotten off to a rocky start for the Scott Ontario Cup series, but the weather is bound to turn around for our next stop:  The CRCS/3ROX Canada Cup at Horseshoe presented by Bateman’s/Norco/Cloud9AV/Sonos.  While that is a mouthful, we’re very excited for our new sponsors, and 2016 promises Horseshoe’s best Canada Cup ever!

Huge Thanks go to Highlands Nordic and everyone who battled the elements to deliver an epic day!

Sean Ruppel,
Superfly Racing


Junior Expert Women (17-18 years)
1. Sarah Fabbro (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team) 08:37.7
2. Kierstyn Hawke (D’Ornellas Cycling Club/Oshawa) 04:55.6
3. Erica Leonard (Angry Johnny’s p/b Norco & Garneau) 16:33.6
4. Dana Gilligan (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team) 32:22.1
DNF Samantha Fuller (S&S Racing p/b Garneau and Frog Cycles)

Junior Expert Men (17-18 years)
1. Brody Sanderson (Angry Johnny’s p/b Norco & Garneau) 24:48.6
2. Tyler Orschel (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team) 01:51.9
3. Malcolm Barton (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 02:34.5
4. Kaleb Hellreich (Trek Store CC/Thornton) 05:02.6
5. Thomas Hulton (AWI Racing/Warminster) 13:13.6
6. Nicholas Emsley (AWI Racing/Haliburton) 14:29.7
7. Brandon Wright (Team Spoke O’Motion) 25:45.1
DNF Scott Brassor (Angry Johnny’s p/b Norco & Garneau)
DNF Nathan Savoy (Hillsburgh)
DNF Cole McDonald (Rock and Road Cycle/Milton)
DNF Noah Simms (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)

Senior Elite Women (19+)
1. Soren Meeuwisse (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team) 40:10.9
2. Andrea Burley (Angry Johnny’s p/b Norco & Garneau) 03:48.2
3. Paige Foxcroft (Angry Johnny’s p/b Norco & Garneau) 15:14.8
4. Allison Sauder (Waterloo Cycling Club) – 1 lap
DNF Laura Bietola (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)

Senior Elite Men (19+)
1. Peter Glassford (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team) 23:47.7
2. Liam Mulcahy (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 04:21.0
3. Peter Disera (Norco Factory Team/Barrie) 09:03.2
4. Alex Schmidt (PHI Hotel Group/P K Express p/b Holiday Inn) 09:10.3
5. Kelsey Krushel (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 19:20.8
6. Michael Hermanovsky (King City) 20:05.2
7. Chris Fruetel (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 22:45.3
8. Corey Brioschi (Chrono Cycling/Bolton) 23:15.1
9. Scott Lynch (Waterloo) 26:28.5
10. Kyle Douglas (SCOTT 3 Rox Racing/Whitby) 27:38.0
11. Cory Hancock (SCOTT 3 Rox Racing/Ennismore) 50:12.4
12. Dave Reid (Angry Johnny’s p/b Norco & Garneau) – 1 lap
13. Bret Waghorne (Bateman’s Bike Co/Toronto) – 1 lap
14. Jon Slaughter (Angry Johnny’s p/b Norco & Garneau) – 1 lap
15. David Klaver (Wolfpak Racing/Inception Cyclery) – 1 lap
DNF Matthew Martindill (Arrow Racing/Owen Sound)
DNF Marc Antoine Nadon (Timmins)
DNF Quinton Disera (Angry Johnny’s p/b Norco & Garneau)
DNF Owen Flood (Arrow Racing/Haliburton)
DNF Timothy Carleton (Toronto)
DNF Davis Ross (AWI Racing/Wyevale)
DNF Jan Kocemba (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNF Luke Hlavenka (Chrono Cycling/Alliston)
DNF Eddie Skala (Wolfpak Racing/Inception Cyclery)
DNF Brendan Mackillop (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNF Cameron Jette (Toronto)
DNF Alex Lefebvre (Speedriver.com/Guelph)

Full results for all categories here.

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