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Scott Ontario MTB Cup #6 Presented by Plastiglas Wraps up in Elliot Lake + Full Results

release by Superfly Racing

August 23, 2016 (Elliot Lake, ON) – The scourge of the 2016 Ontario Cup season continued this past weekend in Elliot Lake, with a bad weather forecast coming to fruition. The driest summer on record would not continue as heavy rains Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening made for tough conditions on the already toughest course of the series.

Elliot Lake Ontario Cup  ©  Superfly Racing
Given the driving distance, first-time venue to most riders, and the dreadful forecast, numbers barely reached the 200-rider mark for this destination event. In spite of it all, the more ardent riders had the ride of their lives, with many favouring this course over all others in the series. Series sponsor Brandon McGuire of Inception Cyclery exclaimed “Best O-cup course ever…. all who did not come missed out”. And miss out, they did. Elliot Lake rolled out the red carpet, with a pasta dinner banquet, complete with prizes from Giro/Joyride 150 (40% of attendees left with a prize!), televised Rio MTB races featuring hometown hero Emily Batty and bronze medallist Catherine Pendrel at registration, the final HIP concert, and a well-attended beach day! The series’ most challenging course is also the most scenic, and it’s a real treat to make it to the top of the lookout, ride along town, and take in the gorgeous scenery.

Taking the win in the Elite men’s race was Maverix Racing’s Kelsey Krushel, with Sault Ste. Marie’s owner of Velorution, Jan Roubal, nipping at his heels before flatting a few km from the end. Elyse Nieuwold of PHI Hotel group ran off with the Elite Women’s race, while Junior Expert Men saw Kaleb Hellreich of Trek CC take the win in a sprint finish with Jake Allaire of Centurion Next Wave cycling team.

If the series returns to Elliot Lake, more work will be done to ease the 10am course, and better weather would make the course far better for riders. Though a 6-hour drive from the GTA, destination events bring the MTB community together, a spin-off that resonates throughout the series and the sport. Special thanks to the OCA, who sent Executive Director Jim Crosscombe up to take in the event, Brendan Arnold, Adam Morrow of the OCA and all our commissaries.

Another big thanks to Jocelyn Lebreache and Elliot Lake, for providing Mt. Dufour, North Shore Search and Rescue and for their commitment to the event. If only other communities were as welcoming as this northern gem.

The Ontario Cup series concludes with it’s Provincial Championships, at Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride, September 11. For more information visit here.


Junior Expert Men (17-18 years)
1. Kaleb Hellreich (Trek Store CC from Thornton) 56:45.4
2. Jake Allaire (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team)
3. Brandon Wright (Team Spoke O Motion) 6:40.7
4. Thomas Hulton (AWI Racing from Warminster) 9:08.9
5. Nicholas Emsley (AWI Racing from Haliburton) 9:28.7
6. Scott Brassor (Angry Johnny s p/b Norco & Garneau) 34:44.3
DNS Malcolm Barton (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNS Cole McDonald (Rock and Road Cycle/Milton)
DNS Tyler Orschel (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team)
DNS Noah Simms (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)

Senior Elite Women (19+)
1. Elyse Nieuwold (PHI Hotel Group / P-K Express p/b Holiday Inn) 13:37.3
2. Andrea Burley (Angry Johnny s p/b Norco & Garneau) 6:45.8
3. Paige Foxcroft (Angry Johnny s p/b Norco & Garneau) 25:42.2
DNF Allison Sauder (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNS Laura Bietola (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNS Soren Meeuwisse (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team)

Senior Elite Men (19+)
1. Kelsey Krushel (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 47:36.4
2. Jacob McClelland (AWI Racing from Orillia) 1:32.3
3. Luke Hlavenka (Chrono Cycling from Alliston) 2:45.7
4. Jon Slaughter (Angry Johnny s p/b Norco & Garneau) 3:42.8
5. David Klaver (Wolfpak Racing/Inception Cyclery) 4:53.5
6. Corey Brioschi (Chrono Cycling from Bolton) 5:11.9
7. Jan Roubal (from Sault Ste Marie) 5:29.0
8. Alex Lefebvre (Speedriver.com from Guelph) 7:51.1
9. Michael Hermanovsky (from Richmond Hill) 16:15.5
10. Bret Waghorne (Bateman s Bike Co from Toronto) 17:24.4
11. Alex Schmidt (PHI Hotel Group/P-K Express p/b Holiday Inn) 24:22.5
DNF Jan Kocemba (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNF Scott Lynch (from Waterloo)
DNS Chris Fruetel (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNS Eddie Skala (Wolfpak Racing/Inception Cyclery)

All categories results here.

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