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Saskatchewan Cycling Association 2012 Gala Awards – Arnold Boldt, Terry Zack, Tim Wicks Honoured

release by Sask Cycling

May 07, 2013 (Moose Jaw, SK) – The Moose Jaw Spring Classic grew in capacity this season, adding a couple of great events into the race weekend. The addition of the criterium being held on the downtown streets of Moose Jaw was a great addition, being able to race the Streets of L’il Chicago was a highlight for many riders, while the Saturday Evening Gala was the cherry on top.

The Gala Event hosted by Red Goats Sports was a huge success. Youth team sponsor, and Red Goat Sports owner, Mike Vandenburgh indicates, “We wanted to give something back to the cycling community, and do it in a formal manner, so the Gala Event was the perfect setting to do that. Not only were we able to honor a great athlete like Arnold Boldt, but it was also a great evening of socializing and interacting for the cycling community here on the prairies.”

The Gala Evening was well attended by racers, volunteers, community leaders and sponsors. On the evening,  Paralympic legend Arnold Boldt was heaped with awards and recognition. Not only did he take home the 2012 Top Cyclist for Sask Cycling Association, known as the Wotton Bowl, but he was also presented with the Ken Wilson Award for cycling achievement in 2012.

On top of his 2012 performance awards, Boldt was also presented a Lifetime Member designation from his home club of the Moose Jaw Pavers, and city recognition from Moose Jaw Mayor Deb Higgins.

2012 Paralympic Team Canada Member Arnold Boldt has been a staple in the Sask cycling community for years. His determination and heart are an inspiration to many cyclists young and old, and the Gala Evening was the perfect event to honor his efforts.

Local volunteer guru Tim Wicks, was also honored at the event as the Sask Cycling Mountain Bike Sector Volunteer of the year award. Wicks has been instrumental in developing the Buffalo Pound Mountain bike trails along with his club the Moose Jaw Pavers.

The Saskatchewan Cycling Association awarded trophies to its top volunteer and athletes during a race Gala on Saturday, May 4th in Moose Jaw.

Arnie Boldt, Wotton Bowl – The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding achievement in Road Racing/Track during the past twelve months. This year (and every year that he has competed at Nationals), Arnold Boldt won gold in the C Category at the Canadian Road Championships Para-cycling. Additionally he did attend the Olympics in London, England for the Canadian Cycling Paralympic team in July, making him an Olympian for Cycling as well as a well-decorated Olympian in his first sport of high jump.

Terry Zack, Mountain Bike Top Rider of the Year Award – The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding achievement in Mountain Bike Racing during the past twelve months. Terry Zack had a very successful 2012 mountain biking season. He finished fifth in the Sask Cup points in 2011, with a top finish of second place in any one race. At provincials, he finished second in his age group, with a rank of seventh overall in the expert category. In 2012, Terry made some changes to his training program, obtained sponsorship from Tomac, and hand-built a wheelset and the rest of the bike from the frame up and experienced a transformation of results. In Saskatchewan, he finished first in the points series, first in provincials out of all expert men, and had three first place finishes, and two second place finishes. He also raced in Manitoba and Alberta. In Brandon, MB, he placed second on the new course in Brandon.

Tim Wicks, Cameco Volunteer Awards – The purpose of this award is to recognize the outstanding volunteer contribution in the Mountain Bike sector. Mr. Wicks has been a member of the Moose Jaw Pavers for the past five years. His accomplishments and time given have been huge especially over the past season and a half.
• Last fall he researched and compiled necessary documentation to lay out a trail map and a system of trail signs.
• This season order picked up and installed the trail signs and coordinated the production of a trail map.
• Designed, coordinated, and developed the Pavers new riding kit. Coordinated the ordering, selling and distribution of the kit.
• Worked in the Kids Learn to Mountain Bike program. Helping develop and instruct the sessions, (19 participants-none of whom were Tim’s kids)
• Marshaled at the SCA Spring Classic road race and was in charge of the safety Mats for the crit.
• Spent countless hours trimming trails at Buffalo Pound and is in the process of developing a comprehensive volunteer system to ensure the trails are cut three times a season.
•  Took a position on the Buffalo Pound Advisory board to ensure cycling is looked after.
• Serves as Director of Mountain Bike Sector for the Pavers Club.

Arnold Boldt, Ken Wilson Achievement Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize a member of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA) who has achieved an outstanding personal result in a timed cycling event in the time period since the previous SCA awards ceremony.

Arnold Boldt is once again the National Champion in the Paralympic Raod and TT areas. Arnold has established himself as not only one of Canada’s best Paralympians in the sports but also a very accomplished Masters racer. His complete determination and commitment to the sport have been an inspiration to all of us in Sask and beyond.

Congratulations to all the recipients on the night, and all the best to the 2013 race season.

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