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San Jose Classic Criterium Built by Webcor Report

release by Webcor Builders Women's Cycling Team

February 19, 2009 – The Webcor Builders Women’s Cycling Team’s 2009 racing season opened February 14 with the San Jose Classic Criterium Built by Webcor. It was a great race in downtown San Jose and Webcor’s sprinter Gina Grain took 2nd by mere inches to Laura Van Guilder, giving the team lots of motivation to place one better tomorrow! We were also honored to have many of our Bay Area sponsors in attendance at the race to cheer on the team and meet for lunch after the race: Webcor, including CEO Andy Ball, Serious Materials, PlanWell, ClickSafety, Leopard Cycles, Enterprise, Finelite, Rosendin, Valley Crest, and Karl Ehlert Chiropractic. Even the rain held off for our race!

Here is Gina’s report:

I love working hard! This is a direct quote by Kathryn Mattis tonight after the race, and it was consistent with the way the entire Webcor team raced this afternoon in our first race of the season, sponsored by yours truly — the #1 Women’s Professional Cycling Team sponsor in North America — Webcor Builders. What an honor it was today to slip on the brand new spandex design of Webcor Builders and tear around the course as a team once again. The continuous support year after year shows after entering the first race of the season and having the chemistry and team organization flow from the previous year; it was just down to business as usual. Every single person on the team, including staff, did their respective job and made the day a success.

Out on the course, the team was attentive, covering major moves and bringing back anything that we didn’t “approve!” In addition, Katheryn Kamakazi and Rebecca the Raver were both very active in being in major breaks that got up the road. Amy the Arrow and Erinne the Expert manned the field and looked after me in the pack. I unleashed a few of my secrets in winning two primes and showing Laura Van Guilder how to win the race, as I thought that winning the race sponsored by our own sponsor Webcor Builders would be rude — we thought we would leave that until tomorrow.

What a privilege to meet and re-greet a lot of our sponsors after the race at a luncheon and chat about product and the upcoming exciting year. The Leopard bikes we are riding this year are Cornering Canons and I can’t wait to lay into every single corner this coming season.

Let the season be UNLEASHED!

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