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Sad News – Ellen Watters Passes Away

by pedalmag.com

December 28, 2016 (Sussex, New Brunswick) – We are very sad to report that Ellen Watters, 28, has passed away due injuries she sustained when struck by a car during a training ride near her home in Sussex, New Brunswick on Dec. 23. Watters rode with The Cyclery-Opus team for several years and recently made the pro ranks signing with Colavita/Bianchi. Her sister posted a family statement on Facebook.

Ellen Watters  ©  The Cyclery

It’s very difficult to find the right way to share news that is so important and so terrible for so many people. Ellen no longer had any brain function when the excellent and very kind doctors examined her this afternoon. She was surrounded by family, and so many dear friends, over the past few days, and has received more support than I could have imagined.

Ellen was truly an awesome force. Everyone who knew Ellen was better off for it. She shared joy with everyone she knew, and took joy in sharing her love and positivity around her.

Because of the manner of her passing, she is a candidate for organ donations. The silver lining of this tragic time is that she is able to bring hope and motivation to even more people.

We hope that we can channel some of Ellen’s fantastic energy, and use it to improve the safety conditions for cyclists on our roadways.We would ask everyone to spread awareness of the necessity of cyclist advocacy, and to contact their local politicians to help get changes made.

We will not be holding a memorial or funeral service at this time. We will be planning to do so later, when we have had a chance to process this tragedy, and can better celebrate her brilliant spirit and wonderful life. Please keep Ellen with you when you need someone to go for a quiet walk with, or to meet for a coffee, or to kick your butt and get you out for a ride.

Please know that she’ll be there as much as you need her, just like she always has been.

Pedal joins the cycling community in sending condolences to Ellen’s family, friends and teammates.

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