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RWR/Peak Winter Racing Series – Stage 9

release by RWR/Peak Winter Racing Series

February 5, 2009 – After Stage 8 of the Ride with Rendall/ Peak winter series, most riders where dreaming of flatter stages and downhill run ins that have to date eluded the series. For many, these dreams quickly became nightmares on a course that, after an initial steep climb, slowly descended over long flat sections and shallow descents. Sharp focus and steady power where the key to stage 9 results and once again Mike Nash proved he had an abundance of both. Powering his way to finish first place overall in the stage with a time of 38:25.2, Mike also took the Maxxis sprint competition with a maximum power of 15.54watts/kg. Lurking close behind and keeping a low profile, Casey Roth rode to second place (39:48.9) just ahead of Vancouver’s Tony Zachary (40:08.9).

First place in the Woman’s field went to Tenille Hoogland who once again proved she is the one to beat in this year’s series. Tenille put her head down and turned out a time of 42:11.6. Carol Deavy and Wendy Blagdon battled it out and finished second and third with times of 46:25.4 and 47:11.2 respectively. The women’s sprint competition went to Ingrid Cooney who stole the show from Tenille with an impressive 7.32watts/kg.

To see more detailed results and rider’s stats, click here.

Stage 10 will take place this weekend and will return to the series extended time trail course for the third time this year. The course record of 45:22.9, set by Mike Nash in 2008, will be the target for the big guns as they try to ruin Mike’s 7 stage winning streak on their way to a new record. Do you have it in you or know someone who does? The challenge is out by Nash himself.

The extended course will be repeated once a month to help riders track their fitness and to fuel personal battles .If you haven’t tried one of these races yet now is your chance to get out to establish a PB and test your winter fitness.

To book your start time, call
– Vancouver, Peak Centre for Human Performance, (604) 299-7959
– Montreal, Peak Centre Mansfield, (514) 390-1230
– Ottawa, Peak Centre, (613) 737-PEAK, or book online from the results page on www.ridewithrendall.com or at www.peakcentre.ca .

See you at the races!

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