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RWR/Peak Winter Racing Series – Stage 8 Report

release by the RWR/Peak Winter Racing Series

January 30, 2009 – With 7 stages of racing behind them, riders faced the toughest and most challenging stage to date going into stage 8 of the RWR/Peak Winter series. Over a tough 22km course that was described simply as uphill, riders were put to the test. Anyone who didn’t read the course profile before lining up was in for a shock when they realized the uphill was a serious climb that is part of the KOM competition.

Mike Nash, no stranger to the series podium, rode to his 5th win in this year’s series. Mike has been on a rip since stage 3, having convincingly won every stage he has entered. However, times might be changing if Casey Roth has anything to say about it. (Keen observers might note that he has steadily been cutting the time gap behind Mike week after week) . The two riders briefly exchanged the lead until Nash dug deep on the flatter sections and held onto the lead. Casey finished 2nd with a time of 39:27.5 but took some of the spoils home by winning the KOM competition with an average watts/kg of 4.3. Third place in the men’s field went to Montreal’s Louis Boulieau who played the sleeper and steadily climbed onto the podium with a time of 41.03.2.

1st place in the Woman’s field and the QOM went to Sue Schlatter proving that Average power/weight matters on a 20km climb. Sue’s time of 40:39.0 was the third fastest overall thanks to an average of 4.8watts/kg. Tenille Hoogland (41.52.6) had another solid day to finish in second ahead of Sara Domina (46:06.8).

To see more detailed results and rider’s stats, click here

Stage 9 of the 18 race series continues this weekend and will challenge riders with what has been described as a “flat” course much to the satisfaction of all the self declared flatlanders and sprinters. The stage is part of the Maxxis Sprint competition that looks at the riders’ maximum power/weight to pick the winner.

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