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RWR/ Peak Winter Series Update

January 2, 2005 – Just a reminder that the next stage of the RWR/ Peak Winter series will be held Jan 7-8 at the Peak Centre for Human Performance in Ottawa and Tuesday January 10 at the Peak Centre in Vancouver. To book your start time or for more info call the Peak Centre in Ottawa at 613-737-Peak or 604-299-7959 in Vancouver.

Heats in Ottawa (both Saturday and Sunday) will all be held in the Kanata location while the Peak Centre prepares new east end facilities that will be announced shortly. Sunday’s heats will use the same start times with heats starting at 7am. Once the new facilities are up and running, Sunday heats will return to the east end.

In addition to the heats in Ottawa and Vancouver, Montreal riders will now be able to join the series starting January 8th at the newly opened Peak Centre Montreal. To book your heat and start time in Montreal call 514-341-PEAK. Remember,if you have never ridden a Multirider race the first one is free so grab your bike and come on out….the new year has started and it is time to get it underway.

See you there,
Glen Rendall

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