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Russell Moore’s Cabot Trail Revelation is Pedal’s Great Bike Moment Contest Pick of the Week

by pedalmag.com

November 14, 2014 – Have you entered Pedal’s #GreatBikeMoment contest? Check out Russell Moore’s story Cabot Trail Rider Revived, about discovering the importance of fueling properly on long rides – our pick of the week. Tell us a bike moment that inspired or changed you to win great prizes enter here.

Russell Moore on the Cabot Trail.  © courtesy of Russel Moore

Cabot Trail Rider Revived
During my 2011 Tackle the Trail 325 km ride with Atlantic Cycle Canada, on day two of three, I had very little sleep and a basic breakfast. After climbing French Mountain, and North Mountain I arrived at Neil’s Harbour 100km completely spent. I was all for calling the sag wagon.

Cabot Trail views...  ©  Russell Moore

I ate some clam chowder and drank two glasses of cold water along with a very large coffee – combined with 45 minutes of rest with my feet up. Then I decided to try getting back on the bike and discovered that I was able to ride the last 25km as if I was just starting my ride. It was a good way to learn the need for constant re-fueling on long challenging rides.

The open road - Cabot Trail.  © Russell Moore

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