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Canada’s Ross Wilson Earns Career-First Podium at Para-Cycling Road World Cup Finals in Spain

release by Cycling Canada

July 25, 2014 (Cantimpalos, Segovia, Spain) – Over 300 para-cyclists from all around the world participated in the opening day of competition at the 2014 Para-Cycling Road World Cup Finals in Cantimpalos, Spain, the biggest participation of all times at a para-cycling World Cup event.

Men C1 podium (l-r) Teuber 2nd, Mendez Fernandez 1st, Ross 3rd [P] courtesy of Cycling Canada
Canada has a large team of 18 athletes present with the objective of winning medals and cumulating the most points possible towards the Paralympic Games qualification process.

In the men’s C1 category, Canada’s Ross Wilson of Sherwood Park, AB excelled in his career first World Cup race, posting the third fastest time of the group. Jaye Milley of Calgary, AB, a previous World Cup and World Championships medallist, finished eighth.

In the tricycle category, the two Canadian athletes – Marie-Eve Croteau of Québec, QC (T2) and reigning World Champion Shelley Gautier of Toronto, ON (T1) – went on to step on the podium their respective time trial races, with Gauthier taking the top spot. With the results, both athletes secured the highly coveted white jersey, awarded to the World Cup champion.

The men’s tandem of Daniel Chalifour and pilot Alexandre Cloutier finished fourth, less than five seconds off the podium.

The road races will take place Saturday and Sunday.


Women BVI –
1. Lora Turnham (Gbr) 29:12.6
2. Yurie Kanuma (Jpn) 12.72
3. Iwona Podkoscielna (Pol) 01:12.8

6. Shawna Ryan (Can) 01:35.2

Women T1
1. Shelley Gautier (Can) 24:45.9
2. Svetlana Perova (Rus) 5:51.63
3. Simona Matickova (Slo) 10:04.5

Women T2
1. Carol Cooke (Aus) 18:36.6
2. Marie-Eve Croteau (Can) 01:30.2
3. Madre Carinus (Rsa) 04:52.8

Women C4
1. Shawn Morelli (USA) 34:03.7
2. Alexandra Green (Aus) 6.12
3. Susan Powell (Aus) 20.81

5. Marie-Claude Molnar (Can) 02:07.7

Women C5
1. Anna Harkowska (Pol) 32:01.7
2. Greta Neimanas (USA) 21.83
3. Kerstin Brachtendorf (Ger) 37.07

6. Nicole Clermont (Can) 01:02.0

Women H3
1. Dana Brelsford Dana Alicia (USA) 18:34.3
2. Renata Kaluza (Pol) 8.02
3. Karen Darke (Gbr) 22.88

8. Myriam Adam (Can) 04:02.5

Men – BVI
1. Ignacio Avila Rodriguez / Joan Font Bertoli (Esp) 26:05.6
2. Vincent Ter Schure / Timo Fransen (Ind) 7.4
3. Carlos Gonzales Garcia / Noel Martin Infante (Esp) 14
4. Daniel Chalifour / Alexandre Cloutier (Can) 19.17

Men C1
1. Juan Jose Mendez Fernandez (Esp) 31:32.6
2. Michael Teuber (Ger) 43.66
3. Wilson Ross (Can) 01:01.7

8. Jaye Milley (Can) 03:42.0

Men C3
1. Sergey Ustinov (Rus) 30:08.8
2. David Nicholas (Aus) 0:08
3. Masaki Fujita (Jpn) 0:26

8. Michael Sametz (Can) 0:41

Men H2
1. William Groulx (USA) 17:49.0
2. Luca Mazzone (Itl) 1.42
3. Yaakov Lion (Isr) 01:37.8

8. Robert Labbe (Can) 03:40.0

Men H3
1. William Lachenauer (USA) 15:31.9
2. Vittorio Podesta (Itl) 8.39
3. Stuart Mccreadie (Rsa) 14.04

8. Charles Moreau (Can) 16:26.9 54.96
9. Mark Beggs (Can) 01:01.8
20. Alex Hyndman (Can) 02:13.1


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