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Rona’s Jeanson Retires from Fitchburg

courtesy of Team Rona

June 28, 2002 (Fitchburg, Massachusetts) – Lyne Bessette, of the QuÈbec
Selection, won her second stage in a row and consolidated her lead in the
overall standings at the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic. Genevieve Jeanson, of
Team RONA, retired at about mid-stage today.

I came back just last Monday from Idaho, where I spent a lot of energy in a
nine-day race which was aggressive from start to finish,” said the 20-year
old athlete about her decision. “I started in Fitchburg in spite of Andre’s
(Aubut, RONA team manager) advice. But obviously he was right, I had not
had enough rest after such a demanding race. And I would rather rest than
just ride in the middle of the pack, and not race aggressively the way I like
to race.”

Bessette won the stage after she successfully broke away with Saturn’s
Kimberly Bruckner and Catherine Marsal. Nicole Freedman, of Team RONA,
finished fifth, after ranking second in the peloton’s mass sprint behond
Laura Van Gilder (USA, Trek). Melissa Holt (NZL) and Manon Jutras (CAN),
both of RONA, are respectively 6th and 9th in General Classification.

Fitchburg Longsjo Classic
Second Stage : Aubuchon-Glidden Circuit Race

Women Pro 1/2

1. Lyne Bessette (Quebec Selection Tea) 1.33.46
2. Kimberly Bruckner (Saturn Cycling Team) 0.06
3. Catherine Marsal (Saturn Cycling Team) 0.29
4. Laura Vangilder (Trek Plus) 3.04
5. Nicole Freedman (Rona Cycling Team)
6. Naomi Gollogly (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW)
7. Larssyn Staley (Saturn Development)
8. Tina Mayolo-Pic (Diet Rite)
9. Clara Hughes (Quebec Selection Tea)
10. Kim Davidge (Saturn Cycling Team)

Pro 1/2 Men

1. Chris Horner (Prime Alliance) 2.40.43
2. Mike Sayers (Mercury)
3. Tim Johnson (Saturn Cycling Team)
4. Chris Baldwin (Navigators Cycling Team) 0.04
5. John Lieswyn (7Up / NutraFig)
6. Oscar Pineda (7Up / NutraFig)
7. Danny Pate (Prime Alliance)
8. Tom Leaper (Navigators Cycling Team) 0.10
9. Jesus Zarate (Mercury)
10. George Menard (Team Snow Valley) 0.42

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