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Ring of Fire 2 – Pan-Canadian Lecture Series Hits TO Tomorrow!

October 4, 2005 – Cycling the Pacific Ring of Fire, “volcano-hopping” by mountain bike around the globe’s largest ocean is an expedition of epic proportions undertaken by Canadian adventurers, Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard.

As part of Pedal Magazine’s Cycling the Pacific Ring of Fire part 2: A Mariner’s Journey!” pan-Canadian series, the two globetrotters on wheels will present their multimedia documentary in Toronto at 7 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2005 at the MEC Store, 400 King St. West (between Charlotte St and Peter St), (416) 340-2667.

Over 1,000 stunning images portray their fabulous cycling journey between Santiago and Jakarta, as the adventurers provide witty and insightful commentary and observations, intertwined with melodies and rhythms of Montreal composer Martin Tremblay. This highly volatile, explosive and “subversive” cocktail of culture, nature and adventure will enthrall you.

Come and meet them as they share their tales and discoveries gathered during the second stage of this ambitious “cyclo-volcanic” quest: 11,000 kilometres and 18 months astride their mounts from Patagonia to Indonesia via the South Seas’ fabled isles of paradise and fire!

For more info click on the the Ring of Fire 2 icon on the right side of pedalmag.com’s home page – or here http://www.pedalmag.com/index.php?module=CustomPage&action=view&custompage_id=132

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