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Ride with Rendall/Peak Winter Racing Series Report – Stage 14

March 21, 2008 — The TT is one of only two courses in the 18-stage Ride with Rendall/ Peak Winter Racing Series that gets repeated, allowing riders to set new course records and personal bests on a profile that is used once a month. Prior to stage 14, the challenge was out to see if anyone could beat Derrick St.John’s record of 33:45.9 and Sue Schlatter’s record of 37:14.6.

With an eye on the record, RWR elite rider Mike Nash took time out from his North Carolina training camp to try and topple the record. Straight from the gun, Mike put his head down and averaged an impressive 399 watts on his way to the stage win. Following in second, with a time of 35:49.9, was previous record holder Aaron Fillion (OBC) while Jim Tsilmos (RWR) pushed his way into third with 35:59.4. The series will return to the TT course in stage 17 and once again the challenge will be on between Derrick, Nash and Fillion to see who the king of the time trials truly is. Now, let’s see who dares show up to put pride on the line.

The women’s field saw a run of Steven’s Road team riders fill the podium. First in, and determined to defend her record, was Sue Schlatter with a time of 37:58.9. Teammates Sophie Matte and Wendy Blagdon followed suit with times of 40:53.9 and 42:22.9, respectively.

Next up is stage 15, which is part of the Pedal Magazine’s KOM competition and will challenge riders with relentless climbs and a longer course profile. The Pedal KOM competition gives a chance for the climbers to have their day and usually sees some surprises when the riders’ average power to weight is factored in the separate competition.

With only a few more stages to go, RWR would like to take the time to thank the series’ sponsors, Easton, Pedal, Maxxis, and the Peak Center.

To book your start time, call:
Vancouver, Peak Centre, (604) 299-7959
Montreal, Peak Centre Mansfield, (514) 390-1230
Ottawa, Peak Centre, (613) 737-PEAK or use the online booking system at www.ridewithrendall.com

Sunday heats are now available in Ottawa with modified heat times and a new sound system. Check the schedule for details and look for more in-depth results at www.ridewithrendall.com.

Please check with your respective centre to see if heats will be limited because of the Easter weekend.

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