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Ride with Rendall/Peak Winter Racing Series Report – Stage 13

March 7, 2008 –The number 13 proved to be lucky for more than one rider during stage 13 of the Ride with Rendall/Peak Winter Racing Series. Things looked set for a showdown between extended course record holder Mike Nash and short course TT record holder Derrick St.John. Then, numerology took its course and fate intervened. Not only did the favourites not show up due to the snowstorm in Ottawa, but Montreal riders finally had their day by placing two riders on the podium. Holding on to Ottawa’s pride, Ron Amos set the mark to beat when he rode to a time of 48:44.3. While other riders tried to match Amos’s time, only Montreal’s Louis Bouileau and Bruno Plafter were able to seriously challenge with solid rides. Boulieau finished with a time of 50:02.5 and Plafter was close behind with 50:39.3.

The women’s field had less surprises as Tenille Hoogland once again took the stage win finishing with a time of 53:03.3. Behind her, Kristin Marvin and Monica Kvas had a virtual neck-to-neck battle for second place until Marvin dug deeper and pulled ahead in the final stages (55:25.6 vs 55:54.6).

Stage 14 returns with the Series’ short course where St. John took the course record from Nash last year when he clocked a time of 33:45.9. Readers are reminded that these two riders have only been present at the same time on two occasions with each taking a wins. Once again, all eyes will be on them to see who comes out on top.

The women’s record looks to be safe, but stage 13 proved that anything can happen, so perhaps the ink isn’t dry on Sue Schlatter’s record of 37:14.9. Is the record untouchable now? Will she be able to go faster? Stage 14 will give us a better indication on all fronts.

The TT is one of only two Series’ courses that is repeated so riders can attempt to set new course records and personal bests on a profile that is used once a month throughout the series. Right now, the challenge is out to see if anyone can beat St.John’s or Schlatter’s course records. Are you up for a challenge?

To book your start time, call:
Vancouver, Peak Centre, (604) 299-7959
Montreal, Peak Centre Mansfield, (514) 390-1230
Ottawa, Peak Centre, (613) 737-PEAK or use the online booking system at www.ridewithrendall.com

Sunday heats are now available in Ottawa with modified heat times and a new sound system. Check the schedule for details and look for more in depth results at www.ridewithrendall.com .

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