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Ride On Over to the Bruce County Museum!

courtesy Barbara Elias, Marketing Coordinator

(Southampton) A walk through “The County Bicycle Shop” evokes a warm,
nostalgic feeling, even in those who don’t remember these simpler, happier

An exciting new family exhibit developed in partnership with Glen
Norcliffe of the Department of Geography, York University and a collector
of early bicycles, and the Bruce County Museum & Archives in Southampton,
“The County Bicycle Shop” opens its doors to the public on Saturday, June
29th, Canada Day weekend.

Set up in the style of a ‘turn of the 20th century’ bicycle store,
“The County Bicycle Shop” exhibit features 18 bicycles and 6 tricycles and
related accessories and ephemera dating back to when the bicycle first
appeared in Canada in 1869. Uniquely representative of the evolution of
the bicycle, the exhibit highlights the technological features of each
bike, with special focus on those features that contributed to today s
technologies: better roads, the automobile, the airplane, and perhaps even
ladies’ fashions.
At “The County Bicycle Shop” visitors will enjoy three distinctly
different high-wheelers, a rare child-sized hard tire ‘s afety’ and an
all-wooden bicycle. Of special interest to younger visitors will be the
first suspension bicycle and an adult scooter. The six tricycles on
display highlight how technology developed to address the issues of
turning and steering these machines. Four of the tricycles displayed are

“The County Bicycle Shop” opening celebration is planned for
Saturday, June 29th, 2002. Join Museum volunteers, members and staff at
noon for an historic, costumed ride through town on highwheelers, adult
tricycles and other early machines. At 1:00 p.m., the Museum will
officially cut the ribbon and open the exhibit doors. Members of the
public are invited for interpretive tours and period entertainment
performed by “The Edwardian Ensemble” at the special opening day admission
of $10 per family or $3 per person. The exhibit tour will be led by Glen
Norcliffe, author of “The Ride to Modernity ~ The Bicycle in Canada, 1869
-1900”, and owner of many of the bicycles and tricycles on display.
Professor Norcliffe began collecting early bicycles and tricycles
over 10 years ago, when a skiing accident prevented him from running and
he turned to early cycling as a hobby. He has taught in the Department of
Geography at York University for over 30 years. He and his wife Mary live
in Maple, Ontario and have two grown children. They now own over 30
cycling machines.

The County Bicycle Shop” exhibit will be at the Bruce County
Museum & Archives in Southampton until November 8th, when it will be begin
its tour across Ontario. The Bruce County Museum & Archives is located at
33 Victoria Street N., Southampton. For information on hours or admission,
visit www.brucecounty.on.ca/museum, call 519-797-2080 or 1-866-318-8889,
or e-mail museum@brucecounty.on.ca. Admission applies. Ride On Over!

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