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RHINOMED Appoints Canadian Distributor for Mute and Turbine

release by Rhinomed

RhinomedJune 08, 2016 (Melbourne, Australia) – Australian nasal and respiratory technology company Rhinomed Ltd (ASX:RNO), is pleased  to announce it has executed a distribution agreement with Toronto based McArthur Medical  to distribute its Mute sleep and snoring technology and Turbine sports technology into the  Canadian market. The relationship is exclusive subject to minimum performance hurdles  being achieved on an annual basis.

Established in 1984, McArthur Medical will distribute the Mute sleep and snoring technology  through its Hospital Specialty Products, Home Health Care, Retail Pharmacies, Respiratory  Home Care, Dental and Medical Supply business units.

“Canada has the potential to be a considerable market for Mute and Turbine. There are  9,558 pharmacies in Canada alone and snoring prevalence is similar to that of the US where  a 2011 Centre for Disease Control and Prevention study identified that 48% of Americans  snore,” commented Michael Johnson, CEO of Rhinomed. The appointment of McArthur  Medical complements the Company’s North American strategy and follows the opening of a  new North American office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The President of McArthur Medical, Wayne McArthur, said “We are excited to have partnered with Rhinomed. Rhinomed’s Mute nasal dilator technology will offer Canadians  relief from snoring severity and improve sleep quality while the Turbine will improve nasal air  flow for athletes.”

“With McArthur Medical’s impressive track record of gaining support from both the retail and  clinical channels in Canada, as well as the strong fit with our strategy of building a significant  customer base in North America, we are confident that Canada will become a significant  focal point for sales of Mute and Turbine over the next 12 months,” said Johnson.

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