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Red Bull Road Rage Invitations Announced

August 26, 2005 – The Elite rider list has been decided and invitations have been sent out to see who will compete for the title of fastest descender at the inaugural Red Bull Road Rage, co-sponsored by Giant Bicycle.

On November 5th, twenty-five of the nations’s most experienced bike handlers will take on death defying speeds, 120 degree turns, and cliff hanging berms. This 2.5 mile course with its 2,000 elevation drop through historic Tuna Canyon in Malibu, CA, will be more than enough to separate the men from the boys.

Following is the list of riders invited. Please note, we will only select 25 RSVP’s for this year’s race. Detailed biographies are accessible via the new Red Bull Road Rage website.

George Hincapie – Brian Lopes – Paolo Savoldelli – John Tomac – Sean Yates – Dave Cullinan – David Clinger – Steve Peat – Gord Fraser – Joe Lawwill – Robbie McEwen – Eric Carter – Freddie Rodriguez – Greg Minnaar – David Zabriskie – Mark Wier – Jans Koerts – Colin Bailey – Kirt Vories – Wade Bootes – Myles Rockwell – Ned Overend – Geoff Kabush – Thomas Allier – Thurlow Rogers – Jamie Paolinetti – Ivan Dominguez – Sean Watkins – Mariano Friedrick – Harm Jansen – Max Sciandri – Butch Stinton – Mark McCormack – Shaums March – Kyle Straight – Marla Streb – Aaron Chase – Adam Craig – Carl Decker – Tyler Hamilton – Marty Nothstein – Chris Horner – Robbie Bourdon – Nathan Rennie – Sam Hill – David McCook – Axel Merckx – Bobby Julich – Robbie Hunter – Floyd Landis – Michael Barry – Tony Cruz – Aaron Olson – Chris Wherry – Jason Bausch – Roland Green – Todd Tanner – Erik Saunders – Rolf Sorenson – Mike King


Full face helmets, disc brakes, and padding are not something that is typically seen in a road race, but unless riders want to take the chance of wearing permanent concrete makeup, they will need to gear up. Besides those additions, traditional road bikes with 700c wheels and drop bars will be used. With more corners than L’Alpe d’Huez, speed and fitness will go hand in hand.

We will also be hosting a media reception on Friday, Nov. 4th and an after party following the event on Nov. 5th.

Red Bull Road Rage will consist of two race formats: Time Trials, where individuals race against the clock; and Pack Race, a boardercross-style race format, where the top 16 riders from the Time Trial will be placed into 4 man heats and throw it on the line.

The top two riders in each heat will advance through the bracket and after three times down the hill, the fastest one in the pack will be crowned the fastest road descender and receive a major piece of the $5000 prize purse.

To RSVP for the reception and event, contact Carol Sloan at carol.sloan@us.redbull.com or 310.460.4702

RIDER COMMUNICATION: Contact Jon Mesko at jonmesko@giantbicycle.com and 310.420.0085 or Steve Boehmke at chunkyflyrite@aol.com and 714.633.9955

Come down to Malibu and see who will be crowned the first ever Red Bull Road Rage Champion!

Media Contacts:

Paul Malina 310.460.5900

Carol Sloan 310.460.4702

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