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Red Bull Retrospective

October 29, 2005 – For most people, turning back the clock this fall means little more than snagging an extra hour of sleep, but for mountain biking enthusiasts around the country, the sun is setting on more than just summer. For the next few months, the satisfaction of getting outside for late afternoon rides and early evening excursions will be put on hold. But not to fear. New from Freeride Entertainment (producers of the well-known New World Disorder series) and exclusively distributed by VAS Entertainment, Red Bull Retrospective-a look at four years of Red Bull Rampage plus a bonus Retrospective DVD-will get any rider with the Daylight Saving Time blues amped for freeride action come spring.

Red Bull Rampage began five years ago with the idea for a freeride mountain bike competition unlike anything anyone had ever seen or experienced. Located in Virgin, Utah-the ultimate freeride mountain biking destination offering countless challenges and awesome lines-Rampage took freeride mountain biking to a level of skill and entertainment new even to competition.

The Red Bull Retrospective 5-DVD box set is packed with plenty of footage of creative lines, fancy freestyle tricks and huge jumps and drops with landings that run the gamut from amazingly clean to wincingly brutal from awesome freeriders like Cedric Gracia, Andrew Shando, Kyle Strait, Josh Bender, Darren Barrecloth, Cameron Zink, Thomas Vanderham and more.
Broken down, Retrospective includes the following:
· Disk 1: Coverage of the first Red Bull Rampage ever w/ bonus Red Bull Recon feature
· Disk 2: Coverage of the 2002 Red Bull Rampage w/ bonus Red Bull Freight Train feature
· Disk 3: Coverage of the 2003 Red Bull Rampage w/ bonus Cedric Gracia helmet camera footage
· Disk 4: (Available Only in the Retrospective Box Set!) Coverage of the final 2004 Red Bull Rampage through the eyes of Josh Bender, Cedric Gracia and Kyle Strait
· Disk 5: The Retrospective – A candid look back at how Red Bull Rampage

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