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Red Bull Results

B.C.’s Wade Simmons started his year off with a bang when he placed second
in the inaugural Red Bull Ride in Jindabyne, Australia, in late January. Up
against 20 of the world’s best riders, Simmons finished less than 300
points behind first-place winner Australian Andrew Mills.

The unique event offered $15,000 (Australian dollars) in cash prizes to the
21 invited riders. The 1K course was divided into 14 sections for judging
purposes, and was closed to spectators due to environmental and safety
concerns. Only volunteers and camera crews were allowed on the course.
Points were awarded for technique, control, fluidity, and overall

With more than 300 metres of vertical drop combined with bush, rock,
steep “North Shore” ramps, big drops, and gaps, the Red Bull Ride was a
challenging course.

Other Canadians fared well, too: Dave Watson came in fourth; Thomas
Vanderham was sixth; Robbie Bourdon, 10th; and Joe Schwartz finished in
18th place.

A video will be released soon. Check out www.redbullride.com for more details.

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