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Red Bull Canadian BMX Dirt Jump

August 12, 2005 – Red Bull, in partnership with BMX icon Jay Miron, is pleased to announce Red Bull Elevation, the most progressive dirt-jumping contest in the world. The competition will take place from Aug 25th – Aug 27th, 2005 on a custom built course at the base of Whistler Mountain.

“I wanted to create a contest for dirt, equal to what Metro Jam is for street. Red Bull Elevation is an event designed to let the best pro riders in the world ride to the best of their abilities.” says Miron about the concept. “The best dirt jumps in the world are always built with changes in elevation?. Nothing has been overlooked. Red Bull Elevation will give the riders exactly what they’ve always wanted in a contest: Perfectly shapeable dirt, smooth and huge jumps, it’s moderately downhill, there are tons of transfers and there are even a series of 4×4 golf carts driving the riders back up to the top after each pass. It’s going to be revolutionary.”

Red Bull Elevation will, for the first time, add a true downhill trail element to a dirt-jumping contest. To create the best possible event for the riders, a renowned trail building crew has been assembled. “The goal is to have the jumps built and shaped in week one. The three remaining weeks will be spent riding them in, re-shaping and grooming them. When the pros arrive on the 25th for the first day of practice, they’ll be riding a perfect set of trails.” explains Miron.

The innovative and diverse course design will feature a unique dirt composition free of rocks and any other sizeable debris. It is a perfect mixture of clay and soil farmed locally and selected specifically for Red Bull Elevation. More than 50 000 cubic feet of this dirt will be combined with 150 000 pounds of supporting structure to develop these trails. The trail lines will feature a 270 degree wall ride, a gap jump built over a pre-existing Mountain Bike road and a monstrous closing hit.

Who will rule? With commitments from international BMX superstars like Ryan Nyquist (USA), Corey Bohan (AUS), Cory Nastazio (USA) and Kye Forte (GB), Red Bull Elevation promises to raise the bar on BMX dirt-jump competitions around the world. These and other top riders will compete for their share of the $30 000 prize purse. A panel of veteran judges will evaluate each rider on a combination style, fluidity and technical ability. At the end of the day, the winner will be the rider who best demonstrates the elevation of BMX dirt riding.

For Red Bull Elevation information, please visit our website at www.redbullelevation.com. For media inquiries, please contact Chantal Chrétien at 416.348.0389 x. 224 or chantal.chretien@ca.redbull.com

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