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Red Bull Backyard Build-Off

October 11, 2005 (Cincinnati OH) – Ron Kimler, Chris Hallman and Ryan Corrigan of Team Thirty Something took home first place building honors at the first ever Red Bull Backyard Build-Off. This unique competition challenged three teams of three builders to design and construct the ultimate BMX course with an equal amount of raw materials and only three days.

Builders worked through the night on the final day and by 1pm Saturday generators were switched off, tools were put down, and the Red Bull Backyard Build-Off ramps were unveiled to an awestruck group of fifteen of the world’s best pro riders who were then honored with the chance to compete on the newly constructed course.

At days end, riders and builders were separated and tasked with judging each other. The riders voted on which portion of the course they like best while the builders judged the rider’s performance on their work.


After tough deliberation the builders gave Morgan Wade of Tyler, TX first place while Red Bull rider Corey Martinez grabbed second with Californian Gary Young taking third. Wade stunned both builders and an intimate crowd of locals and invited guests with his impressive line packed full of huge tricks. Some of Wade’s “bangers” included a Tail-Whip Back-Flip over the spine, a Bike Flip and a Tail-Whip to Ice Pick on the Sub-Box.

“There are so many lines out here. Everything flows together so good. It was neat to see ramps where everything molds together. It was almost like something you would see at a concrete park, but it was made out of wood,” said Morgan of the course after his win.

Deciding between first and second wouldn’t have been easy as Martinez of Decatur, AL also threw down some insane tricks, Corey’s down whip transfer into the wall ride was certainly a highlight.

Gary Young managed to really take to the unique course quickly and come up with some of the day’s most creative lines and transfers for his third place. “It was neat to see the guys adapt to it (the course) within about 15 minutes without really having to practice and just come out and ride it. It’s a pretty unusual set-up” said Chris Hallman of team Thirty Something. In fourth was X Games dirt silver medalist Chris Doyle.


With just an hour practice in which to master the never before scene ramps, the riders competed in a jam format. Heats of three riders were given two, eight minute “jam” runs each in which to impress the builders turned judges.


In a late development the local team of Jeff Mauer and Jayme Mcintyre had to find a last minute replacement for Frank Koch. With the other teams already in full construction mode the newly named team of One Man Down caught a break. Neighbor and accomplished carpenter Brian Bielewicz came over to check on all the action and see if he could help. He was then handed a tool belt by Nate Wessel and made apart of Team One Man Down. Brian had no previous experience constructing BMX ramps but said he had “scene them on TV”. It was his team that constructed the highlight piece of the course, the Satellite Dish, but with the building competition being so tough it was only good enough for third place.


The Red Bull Backyard Build-Off came to life when Matt Bischoff called BMX ramp building legend Nate Wessel and told him about his idea to have a ramp building contest in his backyard. Little did he know Nate also had the same dream. Matt working part time for Red Bull brought the idea in and the foundation for the Backyard Build-Off was born.

An emotion filled Nate had this to say after the event, “It almost brings tears to my eyes when you see something that you put so much heart and energy in. I had just heard about Matt Bischoff before this event and after meeting him, we just connect so good and think a lot the same.”

Nate, having built courses such as the X-Games and Camp Woodward was given the task of project supervisor. His role was to offer support to the teams and make sure each separate design allowed the course flow as one. By the look of the riding that went down, this was a huge success.


1st – Team Thirty Something — Ron Kimler, Chris Hallman, and Ryan Corrigan
2nd — Team Blend — Aaron Boastrom, Matt Gibeaut, and Ty Stuyvesant
3rd — Team One Man Down — Jeff Mauer, Jayme Mcintyre, and Brian Bielewicz

1st — Morgan Wade
2nd — Corey Martinez
3rd — Gary Young
4th — Chris Doyle
5th — Dave Osato
6th — Dave Freimuth
7th — Van Homan
8th — Brian Kachinsky
9th — Josh Harrington
10th — Chad Degroot
11th — Taj Mihelich
12th — Alan Cooke
13th — Anthony Nepolitan
14th — Quinn Semling
15th — Larry Alvarado

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