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Raphael Gagné Wins 2008 Pentathlon des Neiges

February 25, 2008 (Quebec City, QC) — Raphael Gagné of Lac Beauport won this last weekend’s fourth annual edition of the Pentathlon des Neiges, an event that combines 14km of cycling, 6km of running, 10km of freestyle cross-country skiing, 6km of snowshoeing and 9km of skating. His overall time was 1:43:27 in this event that took place on the historic Plains of Abraham. Sébastien Laflamme of Québec City was 2:15 behind Gagné, followed by Charles Perreault of Crabtree, QC, approximately three minutes back. Magali Tisseyre of Saint-Sauveur was the first woman across the finish at 1:56:18. Some 1,300 competitors raced in the event.

Gagné has won three of the past four Pentathlons. Pedal reached the a 20 year-old physical education student at Laval University, who shared these words with us:

“I am very proud of my victory. I had to work very hard during the race so as not to lose too much time in my weaker disciplines. I made good transitions between each of the sports and managed my efforts well in all of them. This event is very difficult but unique in its kind – you’ve got to try it. It’s absolutely awesome!!”

“I found the Pentathlon almost as difficult as a world cup event. The guys who finished second and third behind me are top level triathletes. My strengths are in cycling, skiing, and snowshoeing while my weaknesses are in skating and running.”

“Mountain biking is my favourite sport, but I also adore cross-country skiing. One of my skiing buddies is Alex Harvey [Harvey won silver today at the Nordic Junior/U23 Worlds in Italy]. “

“I am leaving today (Monday) for Cuba where I’m going to a training camp for seven days. This coincides with my reading break from university. For more information, please consult my blog: www.raphaelgagne.blogspot.com.

Results (brief)


1. Raphael Gagné, Lac Beauport 1:43:27
2. Sébastien Laflamme, Québec City at 2 :15
3. Charles Perreault, Crabtree, QC approximately 3 min


1. Magali Tisseyre, Saint-Sauveur, 1 :56 :18
2. Julie Sanders, Quebec City at 9 :28
3. Marie-Pierre Raymond, Quebec City 18 :43

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