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RacerMate Unveils MultiRider C.0 Software

October 12, 2005 – RacerMate, Inc., the manufacturer of the CompuTrainer bicycle trainer/simulator and founder of the Electronic Bicycle Racing Association, announces the beta release of Multi-rider 3.0 software designed to allow riders to draft off each other in either standard head-to-head racing mode or in a new team time trial mode, with 8 users divided into two four-rider teams.

“The solid success of the MultiRider 1.0 (Individual Time Trials) and MultiRider 2.0 (Coaching & Training) software has encouraged us to further develop our Multi-Rider offerings,” says Chuck Wurster, vice president of sales and marketing for CompuTrainer. “MultiRider 3.0 simulates team time trialing and pace line riding. It includes simulated drafting and visual depiction of the breakaway and the pack with the time between them being updated second by second. By adding new skill and tactical elements to the MultiRider experience we are providing a tool for both experienced and novice bike racers who want to learn skills such as position and effort in the pace line; attacking, counter-attacking and breakaway riding which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for cycling coaches.”

MultiRider 3.0 permits the coach to impart detailed tactical instruction to an athlete in-situ and then closely watch how the athlete carries out those instructions, observing the effect on power output and heart rate. Cycling coaches have never before had such accurate and detailed tools to work with.

Cycling coach Dr. Jay Gump, who runs Incline Training and was the Directeur Sportif for the Webcor pro team in 2004, was involved in early Beta testing of the product. His feedback is as follows: “FANTASTIC! SPECTACULAR! This is really where the road meets the lab, guys. The drafting works great and is very realistic in terms of requiring low power output, but rapid speed adjustments. It takes a bit of getting used to, but simulates exactly what we’re after. MultiRider 3.0 makes it possible to hold tactics sessions indoors, to teach riders how to best utilize their efforts.” (Jay Gump also has a PhD in biophysics and physiology and is a USAC Elite level coach.)

Team time trialing races can be judged based on each team’s third rider, fourth rider, average rider, or fastest rider. Another new feature to this revolutionary new technology is the opportunity for up to seven riders to race against a previously saved rider on the same course and the ability for coaches to adjust riders’ anaerobic thresholds on the fly while in Coaching Mode.

MultiRider systems include MultiRider software, CompuTrainers, USB adapters, and strap systems to arrange the units. Cyclists and coaches use MultiRider software to reach maximum performance in a fun, competitive atmosphere at over 60 MultiRider centers in North America, as well as international centers in Australia, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. A list of the present CompuTrainer MultiRider centers can be found at www.computrainer.com/multirider_fun.htm.

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