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RAAM 2005 – Standings Update

June 24, 2005 (Trinidad, Colorado) — Here is an updated look at the Race Across America category standings as of 4pm June 23, 2005 EST.

Women’s Solo
Anna Catharina Berg, The lone entrant in the women’s solo category, Berg holds tightly onto her place in the top 10. Berg passed through Time Station #20, Kim, Colo. this afternoon at 15:34.

Men’s Solo
Jure Robic continues to stay a pace that keeps him well in front of runner-up, Mike Trevino and current third place, Marko Baloh. Robic checked in from Time Station #27, Mount Vernon, Kans. this afternoon at 12:50; Trevino was last heard from at Time Station #25 in Mullinville, Kans. at 12:54 with Baloh reporting from Time Station #24 in Montezuma, Kans. at 12:36

Two-person Mixed Division
Grupo Guapo #231 passed through Time Station #13 at Aneth, Utah in first place at 14:55. Checking in just behind them at Time Station #12 in Mexican Hat, Utah at 14:25, Team Endorphins moved into second place over Team Free Riders who passed through Time Station #11 in Kayenta, Ariz. At 14:45

Two-person Men’s Division
Team Lower Austria-Krems rode through Time Station #15 in Durango, Colo. at 13:08 this afternoon. They are followed by Team Crazy Gones who passed through TS 15 at 15:45. In third place, Team 60+ checked in at TS #12 in Mexican Hat, Utah at 15:01

Four-person Mixed Division
Landis Team Phoenix clings to a narrow lead of approximately 30 minutes over runner-up Team Cancer Making History. Both teams passed through Time Station #15 in Durango, Colo. early this afternoon. Landis Team Phoenix posted a time check at 13:11 with Cancer Making History following at 13:41.

Four-person Women’s Division
Roaring Fork Volvo B2B Divas, The Divas turn their pedals steadily onward in their uncontested RAAM. The Divas last checked in from Times Station #15 in Durango, Colo. at 15:17.

Four-person Men’s Division
At last check (14:33), Team Beaver Creek-Vail maintained the lead at Time Station #19 in La Veta, Colo. Coming up behind them and in second place, Team Kern Wheelmen-Advocare called in from TS #18 in Alamosa, Colo. at 15:55. Just ten minutes back, Team IWC Schaffhausen passed through TS #18 at 16:05.

Four-person Recumbent
In a dueling display of recumbent rivalry, Team ALS-Bacchetta rode through Time Station #17 in South Fork, Colo. at 16:35. Second in the category, Team JDRF VeloKraft crossed TS #16 in Pagosa Springs, Colo. at 16:15.

Corporate Teams
Team Insight stays in the lead after more than two full days of racing. Team Insight last checked in from Time Station #16 in Pagosa Springs, Colo. at 15:02. Just behind them in the runner-up position, Team Donate Life called in from TS 16 at 16:16. In a fight for third place, Team Vern’s Inc. passed through TS 14 in Cortez, Colo. at 15:23 this afternoon with Team Dry Heat five minutes behind at 15:28.

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