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Quoc Pham Enters Canadian Market – Appoints Brilliant Health International as Official Distributor

release by Brilliant Health International

January 19, 2016 (Vancouver, BC) – Quoc Pham, a leading designer of urban cycling shoes, is entering the Canadian market with the help of its official distributor, Brilliant Health International Distributors Inc.

Quoc Pham stylish urban cycling shoes  ©  Quoc Pham

The partnership came to fruition at the beginning of this year and promises many new opportunities for both companies. Brilliant Health will carry the whole portfolio of Quoc Pham and its products will also be available for sale online at www.CruiserRepublic.com

The philosophy that drives Quoc Pham is the meeting of foot and pedal in a functional, stylish way. Comfort, design and utility combine in a cycling shoe that allows riders to seamlessly transition from cycle to sidewalk to office.

Urbanite mid tan cycling shoes  ©  Quoc Pham

Established in 2009, Brilliant Health is a distributor and marketer of cycling related products across North America.

Brilliant Health offers fixed-gear bicycles, city bikes for men and women, cycling accessories and apparel as well as bike parts and sports equipment for children. Brilliant Health and Quoc Pham are delighted with their partnership and look forward to many years of cycling success across Canada.

Urbanite tan cycling shoes  ©  Quoc Pham

For Dealer Enquiries Contact: William Greenbaum Mobile: (778) 238-7410; bill@brillianthealth.ca

About Quoc Pham
Quoc Pham designs classically-inspired, handcrafted cycling shoes. The meeting of foot and pedal is one of the most important contact points in cycling. This relationship makes it necessary for us to consider the utility, comfort and durability of even the tiniest details related to shoe comfort and function. By engineering a more comfortable cycling shoe, we intend to eliminate one more distraction and keep you focused on your cycling experience. Our shoes combine high quality materials, expert craftsmanship and innovative design in ways that allow cyclists to seamlessly transition from cycle to sidewalk to office. For more information visit William Greenbaum m. 778.238.7410 e. bill@brillianthealth.ca – 30 –

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