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Quebec Tops Overall Cycling Standings at Canada Summer Games with Eight Golds

release by Cycling Canada

August 17, 2013 (Sherbrooke, QC) – The Canada Game ended on Saturday, and the host province of Quebec came out on top of the provincial standings in the cycling events, followed closely by Ontario.

A total of 36 medals were available throughout the Canada Games in cycling events. Quebec topped the medal tally with 18 (8-6-4), followed by Ontario with 11 medals (4-4-3).

Quebec started the Canada Games with force in the mountain bike events, taking eighth medals (5-1-2), including an impressive triple-crown from Léandre Bouchard. Team Ontario was the closest in the Mountain Bike events with five medals (1-3-1), while Manitoba (0-1-1) and British Columbia (0-0-2) each took home two medals, and Nova Scotia one medal (0-1-0).

The momentum continued for Quebec in the road cycling events, and the powerful Quebec squad took was brilliant in the road races, taking five of the six available medals on that day, including a podium sweep in the women’s race. Quebec would end up winning a total of 10 medals (3-5-2) in the road events to clearly emerge as the top province for cycling. Team Ontario followed in second place, with six medals (3-1-2) highlighted by a stellar day in the time trials with four medals, including the two gold medals. Alberta (0-0-1) and British Columbia (0-0-1) each took a bronze medal in the road events.

“We were excellent both on the trails and on the roads of Sherbrooke. Our cycling teams here, both mountain bike and road, performed on-demand in front of their home fans, and we couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments in representing their province. We came to the Canada Games with the mission to continue our streak of flag victories, and we met our main objective,” said Pascal Choquette, head coach of the Quebec road cycling team, who was an athlete in road cycling when Quebec began its streak. “More than sports, these Games will remain a very positive experience for these young athletes, precious life moments that will be remembered for many more decades.”

Throughout the six days of competition at the Canada Games, many memorable moments will remain engraved in the minds of cycling enthusiasts, notably a triple-crown by Léandre Bouchard in mountain bike, a double-gold day for Ontario in the Time trials, and a podium sweep for Quebec in the women’s road race.

Mathieu Boucher, Director of Performance Development at Cycling Canada in charge of the Canada Games files, was thrilled with the outcome of the event. “We congratulate all provinces and every cycling athletes who participated at these Canada Games. Their accomplishments – whether to win a medal or to meet their personal objectives – will forever be cherished. The Canada Games are for most of these athletes a great opportunity to be introduced to a multi-sport environment, learnings that can easily be transferred as they grow within the international sport system.”

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