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August 14, 2007 (Sainte-Marie-de Beauce, QC) – David Veilleux (Jittery Joes) won the Sainte-Marie de Beauce Grand Prix which took place south of Quebec City this weekend and included a time trial and criterium on Saturday, and a road race on Sunday.

On Saturday, Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain/Haywood) won the cross-country race, round #8 of the Devinci XC Québec Cup at Chelsea, QC. Official results were unavailable for the xc race, or for Sunday’s downhill event, round #4 the Devinci DH Québec Cup.

Sainte-Marie de Beauce Grand Prix Results (brief)

Senior Men
1. David Veilleux (Jittery Joes) 4:22:53
2. Bruno Langlois (EVA/Devinci) 0:10
3. Charles Dionne (Colavita/Sutter Home) 0:13
4. Kleber Ramos da Silva (Garneau-Crocs) 0:15

Senior Women
1. Johanne Cyr (Cascades) 3:02:07
2. Joanie Caron (Cascades) 0:16
3. Vanessa Godbehere (Marinoni Cadence) 7:14

Junior Men
1. Antoine Matteau (Garneau-Crocs) 3:42:08
2. Charles-Alexandre Cloutier (André Cycle/idCad) 0:07
3. Hugo Houle (Garneau-Crocs) 06:12

Complete Sainte-Marie de Beauce Grand Prix results click here.

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