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Quebec Cycling Hall of Famers at Mardis Cyclistes Lachine

by John Symon

August 03, 2011 (Lachine, QC) – This past Tuesday evening saw 17 Quebec Cycling Hall of Fame members attend the eighth stage of the Mardis Cyclistes races. The list included distinguished cyclists of yesteryear, builders, and a few who were both.

One of the attending Hall of Famers was René Cyr, 91, who began racing on an amateur level in 1935 and competed in many six-day track races in the 1940s before retiring in 1950. Cyr was given the honour of presenting the top prize in this evening’s pro-elite Saputo cup race to winner Jean-Francois Laroche. (Fantino Mondello – Cycles Régis).

When asked what they thought of this evening’s race, Yves Landry, Gervais Rioux, and Yvan Waddell admitted that they were busy talking to their old friends and were not watching the race closely. “But it’s good to be on this side of the barrier now,” quipped Gervais, 50, a veteran of the 1988 Olympics who last raced at the Mardis series in 1992. “Ça roule vite!” added his friends.

List of attending Hall of Famers (Temple de la Renommée du cyclisme québécois)

1. Jules Beland – A
2. Lucette Bergeron – B
3. Marc Blouin – A
4. René Cyr – A
5. Gilles Durand – A
6. Pierre Hutsebaut – B
7. Jean Yves Labonté – B
8. Yves Landry – A
9. Gaston Langlois – AB
10. Leandre Normand – B
11. Daniel Perigny  – A
12. Roger Raux – B
13. Gervais Rioux – A
14. Tino Rossi – B
15. Marcel Roy – A
16. Robert Van den Eynde – A
17. Yvan Waddell – A

A = athlete; B = builder; AB = both athlete and builder
Biographies (in French) HERE.

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