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Quebec Cyclists on the Podium on Both Sides of Atlantic

by John Symon

[dates] (Montreal, QC) – Jordan Brochu (EKOI Gaspesien) and Lex Albrecht (Optum Pro Cycling Presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies) won the Canadian University Cycling Conference (CUCC) criterium in Montreal on May 12. The event was organized by the Canadian University Cycling Conference, representing a joint effort by McGill University and by the Université de Montreal cycling clubs.

Albrecht in French wrote on her blog that, “I really liked seeing people coming to attempt a cycling competition for the first time. And I am happy that the race organizers decided to offer this opportunity.” Audrey Labrie (Piste.ca) finished second behind Albrecht and Catherine Couture (Independent-RPO) finished third.

On the men’s podium, it was Pierrick Naud (EKOI Gaspesien) in second and team mate Jean-Samuel Dehaies on the third step. Interestingly, the entire men’s podium was dominated by EKOI cyclists who are all from tiny northern town of Amos.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, another Quebecer stood on the podium in France on Sunday. Veronique Labonté (CSM Epinay-sur-Seine) finished second at the 112km Grand Prix Fémin’Ain d´Izernore France on May 13. That race was won by Carlee Taylor (Vienne Futuroscope) in a time of 3:07:44 and Labonté finished 44 seconds back.

CUCC results HERE.

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Grand Prix Fémin’Ain d´Izernore results HERE.

Veronique Labonté’s blog HERE.

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