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Quebec Cycling Impacted by \”Affaire Jeanson\”

January 28, 2006 – In the wake of the highly publicized “Affaire Jeanson”, the Quebec cycling community has been vocal about its disapproval of doping in cycling, while at the same time admits there are weaknesses.

In the LaPraire Cycling Club, doping isn’t really a hot topic. “We’re focused on development. The majority of our members are between 10 and 12 years old. Its not really a concern for them at that age. But we do talk about it more or less,” remarked Maurice Pinglot, the club’s coach, in an interview with regional newspaper Le Reflet.

Pinglot added that at the Cadet level, it is discussed more, but coaches are more focused on nutrition and training for their athletes. With the recent lifetime ban of Genevieve Jeanson from cycling, he expects that there may be more interest in the topic. “We haven’t seen the kids in a little while, and they may have more questions when we all get together on February 22 when they return to training with the club.”

For his part, Volkswagen-Trek rider Martin St-Laurent commented about doping in Quebec in a related Le Reflet article. “I still believe that the majority of cyclists in Quebec are clean. I consider Jeanson an isolated case. Just because she was caught doping it doesn’t automatically mean that everyone else is too,” he said. Nevetheless, the 25 year old St-Laurent is aware of the scrutiny that cycling is currently under. “Certainly there are drugs in cycling, however, it’s probably the sport most tested in Canada. I don’t think doping is as big a problem here compared to Europe,” he continued.

St-Laurent underlined that he’s never been offered EPO and he’d never consider taking it either, “I race to surpass my limits and to stay in shape. If I took drugs I wouldn’t be doing myself any good, would I?,” he added.

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