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Quebec Cup Cyclo-cross – Stage 6

October 17, 2005 – In a single start, 30-some riders got decidedly dirty this past Saturday (Oct. 15) in Bromont, Quebec at the National Training Centre’s cyclo-cross race. No one was spared from the gobs and gobs of mud and rain that had bathed the region for three days, and quickly covered faces, bib numbers, bikes, and anything else left exposed. Course designer and race organizer Ian Hughes once again did a fantastic job of creating a course that challenged racers through a variety of elements – ample gravel sections, bumpy single track, an off-camber section of BMX track, and the trademark obstacles by the fence. This year, the famous ‘Le Ditch’ was only traversed once, however it was filled with a shoe-sucking two feet of water!

In the men’s race, grimaces abounded as the Masters racers decided to put the hurt on early in the race, forcing the rest of the pack to speed up in hot pursuit. The Senior Men’s podium shaped up and stuck together at the mid-point of the 50-minute race. By the muddy end, Joel Dion-Poitras (Espoirs de Laval), put a solid minute on closest follower Jean Philippe Provost (Equipe Premier Tech), a roadie trying out a cross race to add some spice to his training. Olivier Bordeleau (Xprezo) scooped up the third step on the podium very shortly after Provost. Bordeleau looked in excellent form, and his third place win will undoubtedly please sponsor Xprezo Cycles, specialists in cyclo-cross bikes.

Only two women braved the elements – Stephanie Gervais (Xprezo) and Amanda Leigh Cox (Espoirs de Laval). Gervais got a solid start and used her mountain bike skills to navigate the gravel and onto the single track ahead of Cox, who followed closely behind. Cox, a veteran roadie, overcame Gervais during lap one after the fence obstacles. In her third year of cross racing, Cox’s development of her technical skills continues to complement her excellent endurance and power. Cox would keep away for the rest of the race, putting roughly four minutes on Gervais to take the gold medal.

Senior Men
1. Joel Dion-Poitras – Espoirs de Laval
2. Jean Philippe Provost – Equipe Premier Tech
3. Olivier Bordeleau – Xprezo

Senior Women
1. Amanda Leigh Cox – Espoirs de Laval
2. Stephanie Gervais – Xprezo

1. Yohan Patry – Espoirs de Laval
2. Alex Landsman – Martin Swiss Cyclocross
3. Matt Borden – Martin Swiss Cyclocross

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