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Procycle Launches eVox City Bikes – The Grand Electric Vernissage

by John Symon

June 25, 2015 (Montreal, QC) – Procycle recently launched their new eVox City electric bikes, an updated version of the brand with proprietary DynaMe technology and FiT Design, billing the June 18 event as “the Grand Electric Vernissage”. The launch was combined with a silent auction of 14 paintings with all proceeds going to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Pedal was on hand with an estimated crowd of 100+ attendees in Montreal’s trendy St-Laurent Boulevard.

New eVox City e-bike  ©  Procycle
Designed by Michel Dallaire of Bixi fame, the three models shown at the launch include the eVox City 420, City 520, and City 780. The model names refer to the number of watt hours (Wh) they can deliver and all feature Procycle’s centre-drive proprietary system. A choice of three different batteries is also offered with a range from 55 to 150km on one battery charge. Varying in weight from 23.6kg to 26.3kg, the three models retail between $2,500 and $3,800.

Michel Dallaire welcomes attendees...  ©  John Symon
“For us the DynaMe System, is part of the development of the complete bike,” explains Jacques Dutil, eVox/Miele Manager and son of Procycle president, Raymond Dutil. “We took it upside down by developing the DynaMe and at the same time designed the bike around it. Since the beginning the centre-drive unit was the way to go for us as it’s more versatile than a hub motor.

“This is how we have one of the most integrated systems on the market. Since we developed everything, we took the long path really. This way we can control every aspect of the technology and I think it will give us an edge with our dealers. They know that we have a team of e-bike engineers at our office, so if they have questions, we will always have answers for them.”

Jacques Dutil (2nd from right) demonstrates the cool new eVox City  ©  John Symon
“And by making eVox here in Canada, we can test all components before completing the bike including final tests of each model before boxing them. And for us that is very important.

“When we approached Michel Dallaire, a well-known industrial designer (who designed Bixi), it was always clear for him that the eVox City, even if it was an electric bike, was first and foremost a bike. And I think we did a very good job with that as it’s a very good looking bike, that happens to be electric – not the other way around. That’s what the FiT Design (Frame Integrated Technology) is all about. We didn’t want to hide the technology, we wanted it integrated into the bike, which is a different approach,” explained Dutil.

One of the painting that was part of the auction fundraiser  ©  John Symon
We wondered about the size of the e-bike market across the country. “From our estimates, the Canadian market for electric bikes is around 30,000 to 40,000 units per year, and a big part of the market is composed of baby boomers, but we see more and more young professionals using e-bikes for commuting,” he continued.

Pedal also asked if Procycle’s new proprietary e-bike system might be shared with other manufacturers, but Dutil replied that, “DynaMe is not meant to be for licensing any time soon, we want to focus on extending our offer of electric bikes with eVox City line-up first.

“We will start shipping the eVox City throughout Canada beginning in July, but orders can be placed with dealers right away and via our website here“.

Painting with cycling theme  ©  John Symon

Procycle president, Raymond Dutil, indicated that this was the company’s second experience with electric bikes after an earlier attempt in the 1990s.

eVox Specifications:
• Designed and assembled in Canada.
• Created in partnership with Michel Dallaire, renowned Industrial Designer.
• Frame integrated Technology (FiT) gives eVox its exclusive design.
• By integrating the motor and battery in the frame, the weight is balanced; the centre of gravity is at its lowest, giving a smooth, natural-feeling ride.
• The central display is not only compact but has a front LED so you are more visible on those rides in low light and at night.
• Rapid battery charging using FaST technology
• A 96-volt Lithium-Ion cell offering 800 full recharges (no memory)
• Patented DynaMe technology
• Rated motor power of 500 watts with 1000-watt peak
• 80 Nm of power at the rear wheel

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