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Primary-Trek DH Racing Report Update and Photos

release by Primary-Trek Racing

May 26, 2009 – The last few weeks have been really busy for the team. There has been so much racing it’s hard to find time to hammer out an update! First there was Ontario Cup DH #2 on May 17th. Team rider Dean Tennant won his second ever O-Cup DH, with teammate (and current O-Cup DH Series Leader) Rob Fraser close behind in 3rd. Earlier in the day Rob also won the hardtail class. Teammate Dominick Menard who couldn’t make the trip out for the race says he was definitely the fastest guy on the bike path that day back in Montreal thanks to his Trek Madone 5.2.

Next there was the Red Bull Monte et Descend in Mont Tremblant on May 23. This is a night-time, tag team race where a DH rider and XC rider pair up, alternating DH descents and XC loops through the heart of the village in front of hundreds of screaming fans. Whichever team completes the most laps over 2 hours wins. With a Canada Cup DH scheduled for the next day, Dominick was the only Primary rider to compete. Unfortunately his partner suffered a flat tire which set them back, finishing in 17th.

The next day was the first Canada Cup DH of the season. Rob, Dom, and Dean were looking good in practice and were ready to take on the biggest race of the year so far. By the time the guys were coming down,the crowd was on its feet cheering. Rob came in with a hot time and hung-in for 9th place, a great result in his first Canada Cup as a pro. Dean bettered him, narrowly missing the hot seat, and finishing 7th on the day. Dom rounded out the team, bringing in a strong 15th place despite having a crash.

Primary – Trek was the only team that day to have two riders in the top ten and all three riders in the top fifteen, against a field of 104 riders. Although we didn’t come away with the win, Primary – Trek showed its prowess as the strongest team on the circuit, with three riders that have what it takes to make the podium.

New for the Mt. Tremblant Canada Cup, through a partnership with Kempter Marketing, Primary – Trek is now wearing POC helmets and protection. This is really exciting for the team: any new sponsor is great news, and any speed sport racer will attest to the fact that you don’t want to be wearing just any helmet. You need the one where the manufacturer has done the best research, and that will offer the most protection. That helmet is POC (and they look great too!).

Check out videos of Primary — Trek in action:

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