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Preview the Jamis Canada Cup Course at Hardwood Hills

May 30, 2005 — The race course for the Jamis Canada Cup at Hardwood Hills, will be one of the choices for the Wednesday Night Race series at Hardwood Hills, this Wednesday, June 1. This is your chance to rip one lap of the race course, and compare your time!

Races start at 7:00 pm, with the choices of six different courses for all ages and abilities from the 2.5 km Sprockids course, to the 15 km Radical.

The Canada Cup course will be a one lap, 9 km loop of the Sport/Expert course. Race fee is only $15.00 for OCA licenced or citizen permit holders, which includes the race plate and trail fee for the afternoon and evening.

Registration for Wednesday night will close at 6:45 pm.

See <http://www.hardwoodhills.ca/mtb/wednight.htm>www.hardwoodhills.ca/mtb/wednight.htm for full Wednesday Night Race series info, or

<http://www.hardwoodhills.ca/mtb/canadacup.htm>www.hardwoodhills.ca/mtb/canadacup.htm for the Jamis Canada Cup presented by Sport Swap.

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