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Preston Street Criterium Full Results

by pedalmag.com

June 18, 2012 (Ottawa, ON) – Here are the full results from the Preston Street Criterium held on Sunday, June 17, in Ottawa, ON. Kenneth Ng (Realdealracing/La Bicicletta) won the Elite men’s race while Florence Laplante-Lamarche (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) topped the women’s field.


Elite 3-4 & Jr Men – 35km (avg. speed 41.6 kph)
1. Jeremie Lacasse (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RMJ*)
2. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Prudhomme/IGA Ste Martine-RME.3)
3. Frederick Carle (Euro-Sports-RME.3)
4. Wheeler Mark (Euro-Sports-RME.4)
5. Vincent De Haitre (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RMJ)
6. Connor Byway (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RMJ*)
7. Jules Cusson-Fradet (Prudhomme/IGA Ste Martine-RMJ)
8. Derek Gee (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RMJ*)
9. Carl Wilkins (Euro-Sports-RME.3)
10. Philippe Lanthier (ABC Cycles/Honda Centreville-RME.3)
11. Vincent Joinette (Prudhomme/IGA Ste Martine-RMJ)
12. Jasmin Houle (Prudhomme/IGA Ste Martine-RMJ)
13. Walid El-Sayed (Team TDI Zuck Bikes-RME.4)
DNF Adam Eikenberry (Euro-Sports-RME.3)
DNF Kyle Hansen (Independent-RME.4)
DNF Marc Ouellette (Independent-RME.4)
DNF Amenh Tsan (Independent-RME.3)
DNF Niles Vaivars (Independent-RME.4)
DNF Josef Freundorfer (Lacordee-RME.3)
DNF Ryan Beck (Prudhomme/IGA Ste Martine-RMJ)
DNF Steve Bouvette (Prudhomme/IGA Ste Martine-RME.3)
DNF Jesse Jarjour (Team IFG By Cyclelogik/Endurosport-RME.4)
DNF Mathieu Chateauvert (Cuisse Or De L’outaouais-RMJ*)
DNF Robert Mcclure (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RME.4)
DNS Rodrigo Diaz (Euro-Sports-RME.3)
DNS Jean-Philippe Pellerin (Team IFG-RME.3)
DNS Kerri Smith (Independent-RME.4)

Master 2/3 Men, 36km (avg. speed 41.5 kph)
1. Brent Atkins (West of Quebec Wheelers-RMM.2)
2. Robert Orange (Ride with Rendall-RMM.2)
3. Jake Cleofas (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RMM.2)
4. Greg Shore (Independent-RMM.2)
5. James Brooks (The Cyclery-RMM.2)
6. Andrew Olive (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)
7. Jim Mcguire (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles-RMM.3)
8. David Sugden (Les Rouleurs De Loutaouais-RMM.2)
9. Patrick Pelda (West of Quebec Wheelers-RMM.2)
10. Marc Lapointe (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RMM.2)
11. Chris Olson (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RMM.3)
12. James Young (Independent-RMM.3)
13. Christian Voyer (Dmd Velocity-RMM.3)
14. Richard Janecky (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RMM.3)
15. Marco Salvati (Vinylbilt Windows/Sixs Consulting-RMM.2)
16. Stephane Tremblay (Ride with Rendall-RMM.3)
17. Stefan Czaban (West of Quebec Wheelers-RMM.2)
18. Bruce Camacho (D’ornellas Racing Team-RMM.2)
19. Todd Fairhead (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles-RMM.2)
20. Richard Grieve (Kunstadt Sports Cycling-RMM.3)
21. Trevor Doyle (Vinylbilt Windows/Sixs Consulting-RMM.2)
22. Doug Hoover (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)
23. Anthony West (The Cyclery-RMM.2)
24. Stephen Irwin (Team IFG by Cyclelogik/Endurosport-RMM.3)
25. Jeffrey Martin (Independent-RMM.3)
26. Mike Reeves (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)
27. Martin Champoux (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)
28. Brian Murphy (Blue Hills Cycling Club-RMM.2)
29. Jay Heins (The Cyclery-RMM.2)
30. David Bilenkey (Euro-Sports-RMM.2)
31. David Blondel (Peterborough Cycling Club-RMM.2)
32. Peter Schuck (Ride with Rendall-RMM.2)
33. Peter Metuzals (Stevens Racing-RMM.2)
34. David Hendrycks (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)
35. Peter Conn (Ride with Rendall-RMM.2)
36. Chris Chisholm (Cornwall Cycle Club-RMM.2)
37. Alistair Scott (Team IFG By Cyclelogik/Endurosport-RMM.2)
38. Drew Edwards (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)
39. Michael Asselstine (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)
40. Greg Hill (Euro-Sports-RMM.2)
41. Yariv Wolfe (Euro-Sports-RMM.2)
42. Marc Grenier (Euro-Sports-RMM.2)
43. Robert Kerr (The Cyclery-RMM.2)
DNF Glenn Vollebregt (Independent-RMM.3)
DNF Michael Gorman (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RMM.3)
DNF Ben De Groot (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RMM.3)
DNF Pieter Bakker (Owen Sound CC-RMM.3)
DNF Rick J Bourgeault (West of Quebec Wheelers-RMM.2)
DNF Thomas Leroux (Cornwall Cycle Club-RMM.2)
DNF Paul Heffler (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RMM.2)
DNF Erik Von Boltenstern (Independent-RMM.3)
DNF Phil Mullin (Independent-RMM.3)
DNF Nicolas Regis (Abc Cycles-Honda Centreville-RMM.2)
DNF Elgar Vaivars (Independent-RMM.2)
DNF Steven Thomas (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)
DNF Marcel Lavoie (West of Quebec Wheelers-RMM.2)
DNF Jeff Ker (Vinylbilt Windows/Sixs Consulting-RMM.2)
DNS Daniel Diotte (Dmd Velocity-RMM.3)
DNS Darrin Grace (Euro-Sports-RMM.3)

Elite, Master & Jr Women – 29km (avg. speed 38.6 kph)
1. Florence Laplante-Lamarche (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RWE.1)
2. Chloe Black (Trisports Cycling/Eclipse Racing-RWE.1)
3. Ruth Mclean (Powerwatts-Fittime-RWE.2)
4. Julie Lafreniere (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RWE.2)
5. Audrey Bernard (Powerwatts-Fittime-RWE.1)
6. Courtnay Romkey (Infinit Nutrition/Cyclepower-RWE.2)
7. Heather Shearer (Infinit Nutrition/Cyclepower-RWE.2)
8. Carol Deavy (Les Rouleurs De L’outaouais-RWMB)
9. Alyssa Mellon (The Cyclery-RWE.2)
10. Kelly Knowles (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RWE.2)
11. Bailin Xie (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RWU17)
12. Annick Dufour (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RWE.1)
13. Robyn Angeles (Independent-RWMB)
14. Melissa Bunn (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RWE.1)
15. Ali Wilson (Infinit Nutrition/Cyclepower-RWE.2)
16. Veronik Bourgon (Infinit Nutrition/Cyclepower-RWE.2)
17. Adriane Provost (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RWE.1)
18. Lisa Meyer (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RWMB)
DNF Nina Nesdoly (Infinit Nutrition/Cyclepower-RWE.2)
DNF Stephanie Sothcott (Euro-Sports-RWE.2)
DNF Myriam Burton (Ottawa Bicycle Club-RWU17)
DNF Justine Dallaire (Powerwatts Fittime-RWE.2)
DNS Casey Humphrey (Flirtees Cycle-RWE.2)
DNS Carrie Cartmill (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RWE.1)

Elite & Master 1 Men – 52km (avg. speed 43.5 kph)
1. Kenneth Ng (Realdealracing/La Bicicletta-RME.2)
2. Jean-Sébastien Perron (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RME.1)
3. Ed Veal (Realdealracing/La Bicicletta-RME.1)
4. Osmond Bakker (OCCTO-Cervelo-RME.1)
5. Matteo Dal-Cin (Ride with Rendall-RME.1)
6. Glen Rendall (Ride with Rendall-RME.1)
7. David Onsow (Quilicot Élite-RME.1)
8. Stephen Keeping (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RME.1)
9. Hugues Lapointe (Cycle Néron La Prairie-RME.2)
10. Laurent Dallaire (Team H&R Block-RME.1)
11. Jarrod Forrest (Kunstadt Sports Cycling-RME.2)
12. Scott Loong (Team Medique p/b Silber Investments-RME.1)
13. Patrick Russell (Synergy Cycle-RMM.1)
14. Marc Booth (Vinylbilt Windows/Sixs Consulting-RMM.1)
15. Imad El-Ghazal (West of Quebec Wheelers-RME.1)
16. Logan Cornel (Realdealracing/La Bicicletta-RME.2)
17. Andrew Lees (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RME.1)
18. Kiernan Orange (Ride with Rendall-RME.1)
19. Carl Kiiffner (The Cyclery-RMM.1)
20. Brandon Spencer (Kallisto/Wheels of Oakville-RME.1)
21. Erik Lyman (Team Spirit p/b Euro-Sport-RME.1)
22. Warren Macdonald (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RME.1)
23. Douglas Van Den Ham (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RME.1)
24. Tom Stevens (Team IFG By Cyclelogik/Endurosport-RMM.1)
25. Jonathan Villemaire-Krajden (La Cordée-RME.2)
26. Braydon Bourne (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RME.2)
27. Ian Dalling (The Cyclery-RMM.1)
28. Mathieu Lafontaine (Independent-RME.2)
29. Ron Amos (Ride with Rendall-RMM.1)
30. Jason Cheney (Ride with Rendall-RME.2)
31. James Larmer (Blacksmith Cycle-RME.1)
32. Duncan Beard (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RME.2)
33. Bruce Krip (Team TDI Zuck Bikes-RMM.1)
DNF Bill Hurley (The Cyclery-RME.1)
DNF David Dulude (Cycle Néron La Prairie-RMM.1)
DNF Charles Matte (Ekoï.com/Gaspésien-RME.1)
DNF Darren Matthews (G4s/Cgi Team Swift-RME.1)
DNF Alexandre Simard (Independent-RME.2)
DNF Stanislav Blazek (Kurzawinski Coach-RMM.1)
DNF Justin Purificati (Team Medique p/b Silber Investments-RME.1)
DNF Mason Hanrahan (Ride with Rendall-RME.2)
DNF Chris Reid (Ride with Rendall-RME.2)
DNF Martin Zollinger (Ride with Rendall-RME.1)
DNF Marc Boudreau (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RME.2)
DNF Shawn Clarke (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RME.2)
DNF Brent Arthurs (TDI Zuck Bikes-RMM.1)
DNF Peter Tregunno (Tea and Coffee Racing-RME.2)
DNF John Fee (The Cyclery-RMM.1)
DNF Mike Leach (The Cyclery-RMM.1)
DNF Terrence Martineau (West of Quebec Wheelers-RMM.1)
DNF Tom Tomsic (The Cyclery-RMM.1)
DNF Mark-Wayne Addison (Neron Cycle/Stevens-RMM.1)
DNF Patrick Pelda (West of Quebec Wheelers-RMM.1)
DNF Derrick St. John (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RME.1)
DNF Joel Pelletier (Archibald/Eic-RME.2)
DNF Matt Deluco (Euro-Sports-RME.2)
DNF Hans Loeffelholz (Nine2fivepro.com Cycling Team-RMM.1)
DNF David Byer (Octto-Cervélo-RME.1)
DNF Conor Obrien (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery-RME.2)
DNF David Fry (Team TDI Zuck Bikes-RMM.1)
DNF Alexander Fulton (The Cyclery-RME.2)

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