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Pres d’En Haut Stage Race Results

release by Velo NB

June 15, 2009 – In true Maritime style, several seasons worth of weather were packed into the two stage, Pres D’en Haut stage race on Sunday. The morning TT saw riders putting on lots sunscreen while part way through the afternoon road race they were being pelted by hail and about twenty minutes of torrential rain and wind.

The race welcomed Cara Gillis who resides in California but is an NB native and was just coming off the International Tour of PEI where, riding for the Atlantic Cycling Centre, Cara finished 13th overall and was a huge help to teammate Tara Whitten who took the Yellow Jersey. Cara rode the A category race and gave the group a run for their money as she and Moncton’s Jeff Currie, who happened to be the team mechanic for the same Atlantic Cycling Centre Team for Tour of PEI, were off the front for several laps early in the race.

Other notables in the race were Cory Jay, former National Team member from PEI, New Brunswick’s Chef de Mission for the upcoming Canada Games in PEI, Steve Harris and Junior aged rider Stuart Wight from Riverview, NB who rides for the US based Hot Tubes Development Cycling team and is back from a recent team trip to Europe where he finished 14th overall and 3rd in the young rider category in the Trophee Centre Morbihan in France.

In the AM time trial of 9 km for all categories the top time for the day in the A category was posted by Stuart Wight (Hot Tubes Development Cycling) of Riverview with a time of 10:52. The best time in the B group was by Charles Cormier (Mike’s Bike Shop) of Dieppe with a time of 12:13 and leading the C category was another Dieppe rider, Craig Harper (Mike’s Bike Shop) with a time of 15:11.

The second race was a road race of 40 km for the C group, 60 km for the B group and 80km for the A group. The C race was won by Andre Hebert of Moncton, the B group by Jon Spinney(Sea Level Cycling) from Yarmouth NS and the A race was won by Adam Douthwright (Radical Edge) of Fredericton. Once the times for both events were combined the final results were:


A Category

1. Adam Douthwright (Radical Edge), Fredericton, NB
2. Stuart Wight (Hot Tubes Development Cycling), Riverview, NB
3. Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Cycle), Truro, NS
4. Justin Theriault (Radical Edge), Fredericton, NB
5. Brian McKeown (Radical Edge), Fredericton, NB
6. Kris Barr (Hub Cycle), Truro, NS
7. Ryan S MacDonald (NS Canada Games Team), Pictou County, NS
8. Cara Gillis, California, USA
9. Shaughn Smith, Saint John NB
10. Jeff Currie (Mike’s Bike Shop), Moncton, NB
11. Cory Jay, Summerside, PEI
12. Mike LeBlanc (Mike’s Bike Shop), Dieppe, NB
13. Nick Jay, Summerside, PEI
14. Jean Richard Cormier (Mike’s Bike Shop), Dieppe, NB
15. Denis Hebert (Incline Sports), Moncton, NB

B Category

1. Charles Cormier (Mike’s Bike Shop), Dieppe, NB
2. Jason Grover (Mike’s Bike Shop) Moncton, NB
3. Jon Spinney (Sea Level Cycling) Yarmouth, NS
4. Ian Denis (Mike’s Bike Shop), Sackville, NB
5. Sebastien Boudreau (Radical Edge) Fredericton, NB
6. Norman Siebrasse (radical Edge) Fredericton, NB
7. Jean Leger (Mike’s Bike Shop), Dieppe, NB
8. Steve Harris, Fredericton, NB
9. Jeanne Ju (Bicycles Plus), Halifax, NS
10. Kyle Hebb, (Mike’s Bike Shop), Moncton NB
11. Stephen Martin, Saint John, NB
12. Greg Violette (Radical Edge), Fredericton, NB
13. Conrad Belliveau (Mike’s Bike Shop), Moncton, NB
14. Mark Elderidge, Saint John, NB
15. Guy Pellerin, Dieppe, NB
16. Pierre White, Beresford, NB
17. Eric White, Beresford, NB
18. Julia Cormier (Radical Edge), Fredericton, NB

C Category

1. Marc Evers, Dieppe NB
2. Justin Mallet (Mike’s Bike Shop), Dieppe, NB
3. Neil Symington, Sussex, NB
4. Julien Roussel, Dieppe, NB
5. Craig Harper (Mike’s Bike Shop), Dieppe, NB
6. Caroline Belliveau, Dieppe, NB
7. Andre Hebert, Moncton NB

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