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KMC ‘Cross Fest Day 1 Report, Results, Photos – Gagne 8th

release by the KMC Cyclo-cross Festival

October 03, 2015 (Providence, RI) – After expecting hurricane like conditions with soaking rain and mud, the first full day of the KMC Cyclo-cross Festival boasted a fast and tacky course which dried bit by bit throughout the day. With many new features which utilized the most unique terrain of the park, racers traversed the late-fall-like conditions of Roger Williams Park.

Nash  ©  Wil Matthews

The UCI Elite Women’s race started out fast and furious, with Ellen Noble (Jam/Ncc/Vittoria) taking the hole shot followed by National Champion Katie Compton (Trek Factory Racing) and Cross Vegas World Cup winner Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team). This group remained together, with Amanda Miller (Boulder Cycle Sport/Yogaglo) and recent Junior Road World Championship silver medalist Emma White (Cyclocrossworld Devo Team).  Nash would attack and put a significant gap between herself and Compton, Nash’s lead held steady, and thanks to a clean race with no crashes or mechanical issues, she rode away for the win over Compton, while A. Miller claimed a hard fought third place.

Nash, who is used to racing a wide variety of terrains both in Europe and the states, stated “I really liked the course layout, it was very different than the last time I raced here two years ago. It was nice to use a larger portion of the course with more variety, that was really great.” When asked about how she feels about tomorrow after her efforts today, she continued  “I am excited for tomorrow, I like to do back to back events, it is a lot better for me than just one day only. The course will be different again tomorrow and I am excited for that, and looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.”

Powers leading Hyde  ©  Wil Matthews

The UCI Elite Men started off with another promising youth of cyclo-cross, Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) leading the way from the whistle, with National Champion Jeremy Powers (Aspire Racing) on his wheel. A large group of riders stuck together early on, all fighting the winds on course, with Daniel Summerhill (Maxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross) leading the way. A few laps later, a group of 2 consisting of Powers and Stephen Hyde (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) would gain time together, putting pressure on the group behind. Powers lead an aggressive charge, with Hyde responding, until Powers began to open up a gap and really drive the pace. Hyde remained within 16 seconds of Powers, and came in close behind after Powers took the win. The battle for third was tight as well, coming down to a sprint between White and Summerhill, where ultimately, despite an earlier incident with a crash and breaking his shoe and having to do a shoe swap in the pit, White took the final podium spot.

Maxxis Run-up  ©  Wil Matthews

White, who is having a phenomenal week, stated it was a week of firsts for him, with a first ever shoe change in the pits but also a first C1 podium. “The course layout made the race very hard today,” said White. “And then there was the wind. But it was probably the most difficult course I have ever seen here in Providence. It was unfortunate about the crash and the shoe, but it was a great course that led to a harder style of racing. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

The UCI fields were broadcast live today on the KMC ‘Cross Fest homepage, with commentary from ESPN and Sirius/XM Jeff Rickard and cyclo-cross legend Tim Johnson, with live feeds available in the Harpoon Brewery beer garden for fans to enjoy the action of the entire race.

Tomorrow promises just as much action and excitement, with some course changes, and new challenges for the athletes to face. Follow the race action on Sunday by following @providencecross or #KMCCX on twitter.


Elite Women

1. Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team    42:54
2. Katherine Compton (USA) Trek Factory Racing    43:00
3. Amanda Miller (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport/Yogaglo    43:32
4. Caroline Mani (Fra) Raleigh Clement    43:46
5. Ellen Noble (USA) Jam/NCC/Vittoria    43:54

10. Maghalie Rochette (Can) Luna Pro Team    44:42
16. Mical Dyck (Can) Naked Factory Racing    46:11
24. Ruby West (Can) Centurion Next Wave    48:47

Elite Men

1. Jeremy Powers (USA) Rapha Focus    1:00:24
2. Stephen Hyde (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com    1:00:35
3. Curtis White (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com    1:01:28
4. Daniel Summerhill (USA) Maxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross Team    1:01:30
5. James Driscoll (USA) Raleigh Clement    1:01:31

8. Raphael Gagne (Can) Red Truck – Garneau p/b Easton    1:02:16
9. Michael Van den Ham (Can) Red Truck – Garneau p/b Easton    1:02:23
27. Marc Andre Daigle (Can)    1:04:22
36. Mike Garrigan (Can) Van Dessel/ Shimano/ Velocolour    1:06:10
37. Jeremy Martin (Can) Louis Garneau    1:06:11.
44. William Elliott (Can) Team NCCH p/b DEC Express    1:08:08
50. Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can) Trek Cyclocross Collective    -2 Laps
DNF Mark McConnell (Can) Hot Sauce Cycling Club

Junior Men 17-18
1. Spencer Petrov (USA) Cyclocross Network Racing P/B M 39:39
2. Gage Hecht (USA) Alpha Bicycle Co.-Vista Subaru 0:22
3. Eric Brunner (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport P/B Bjc 0:39
4. Cameron Beard (USA) Cyclocrossworld.Com Devo 1:19
5. Denzel Stephenson (USA) Boulder Junior Cycling 1:26
6. Michael Owens (USA) Cyclocross World.Com Devo Team 1:40
7. Kevin Goguen (USA) Race Cf 1:41
8. Gunnar Holmgren (Can) Centurion Next Wave 1:55
9. Jack Tanner (USA) Boulder Junior Cycling 2:06
10. Evan Clouse (USA) Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru 2:10
11. Caleb Swartz (USA) Trek Cyclocross Collective 2:23
12. Noah Barrow (Aus) Kms Cycling – Killington Mounta 2:58
13. Graydon Staples (Can) Centurion Next Wave Cycling Tea 3:18
14. George Schulz (USA) Van Dessel Factory Racing 3:30
15. Noah Simms (Can) Csajcc P/B Lg Norco
16. Joshua Anderson (USA) Riverside Racing 3:40
17. Nicholas Jenkins (USA) Clif Bar Development Team 3:44
18. Jordan Lewis (USA) Cycle Smart Elite Team 3:57
19. Scott Mcgill (USA) 4:14
20. Henry Coppolillo (USA) Rad Racing 4:31
21. Nicholas Beirne (USA) Better Cycling/ Papa Johns 4:46
22. Clyde S Logue (USA) Colonial Bicycle Company 5:04
23. Ryan Aittaniemi (USA) Bayhill Capital P/B Corner Cycl 5:09
24. Leon Desgagnes (Can) Velo Club Metropolitain
25. Donald Seib Iii (USA) Barker Mountain Bikes
26. Alexander Christian (USA) Lionhearts Junior Racing 5:35
27. Jack Crump (USA) Papa Johns 6:31
28. Zachary Young (USA) Lionhearts Junior Racing 7:37
29. Gavin Kerr (Can) Centurion Nextwave/ Angry Johnn 7:45
30. Zachary Ross (USA) Team Handmade 9:33
DNF Matthew Staples (Can) Centurion Next Wave Cycling Tea
DNS Jake Allaire (Can) Independent
DNS Thomas Carey (USA) Rogue Velo Racing
DNS Vivien Rindisbacher (USA) Kms Cycling – Killington Mounta
DNS Brody Sanderson (Can) Centurion Next Wave

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