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Plastiglas Ontario MTB Cup # 6 Race Recap & Full Results

release by Chico Racing

August 09, 2011 – Kelso Conservation Area, Ontario’s longest running mountain bike venue, played host to the Plastiglas Ontario #6 on August 7. Scary skies, and a few downpours between races, couldn’t dampen rider’s spirits as almost 500 riders braved the elements.

“Overall the course conditions were very good, especially for the later starts, with the 1:30pm race having almost perfect conditions” explained Sean Ruppel of Chico Racing.

Highlights included Canadian National Team members Mitchell Bailey, Trek Canada, Mikaela Kofman, 3 Rox and Marc-Antoine Nadon, 3 Rox taking the wins in the elite men’s, women’s and junior expert categories respectively.  Samatha Wagler of Two Wheel Express had a great ride taking the win in the junior expert woman’s race.

“Kelso is an old school course with lots of great elements including some technical rock gardens and a long climb.” says Adam Ruppel, of Chico Racing. The day of racing also brought out many club and trade teams as well as the Perth County Dairy Farmers handing out refreshing chocolate milk at the finish line.

Congratulations to all the other participants for being part of the series. Be sure to check out www.chicoracing.com for full results. Also check out the Ontario Championships, Plastiglas Ontario Cup #7 taking place September 11 at Highland’s Nordic near Duntroon. This is a brand new venue with an amazing course that has been created specifically for racing.

Results (brief)

Junior Expert (17-18 yrs) Female
1. Samantha Wagler (Two Wheel Express/Kitchener) 1:26:44
2. Haley Smith (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC) 02:27
3. Emily Flynn (EMD Serono _ Specialized CC) 04:56
4. Katlyn Dundas (Team Hardwood/Trek) 07:17
DNS Emily Fisher (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)

Junior Expert (17-18 yrs) Male
1. Marc_Antoine Nadon (3 Rox Racing from Timmins) 1:38:10
2. Bretton Matthews (Total Sports the Bike Shop) 01:07
3. Davis Ross (Total Sports the Bike Shop) 01:52
4. Brandon Etzl (Planet Energy Powered by Spidertech Junior T.) 03:48
5. Elliot Galbraith (Black Tooth Grin Bike Club) 06:26
6. Dominic Girard (Walden Mountain Bike Club) 07:12
7. Michael Girolametto_Prosen (CyclepathMarkham.com/Markham) 10:14
8. William Clarke (from Thornton) 11:19
9. Jason LeBlanc (Black Tooth Grin Bike Club) 12:06
10. Trent Meyers (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team) 14:41
11. Greg Van Moorsel (Reynold Cycle from Mitchell) 15:12
12. Alex Ferguson (Reynold Cycle from London) 15:42
13. Daniel Hope (Team Spoke O`Motion) 32:36
14. Corey Brioschi (Revolt Racing from Bolton)
DNF Ian Bagg (The Hub Race Team from Guelph)
DNF Alex Schmidt (Liberty! Bicycles)
DNS Jordan Doner (Team Spoke O`Motion/Newmarket)
DNS Daniel Hill (Walden Mountain Bike Club)
DNS Parker Wilson (from Terra Cotta)

Senior Elite Female
1. Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing from Toronto) 1:51:38
2. Susan Stephens (from Harrow) 03:27
3. Celine Foreht (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC) 09:19
4. Mandy Dreyer (from Hamilton) 11:41
5. Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing from Greenwood) 12:45
6. Kristen Lake (Sweet Pete`s from Toronto) 15:31
7. Erica Bota (Wild Bettys from Sudbury) 17:12
8. Jennifer Wilson (from Terra Cotta) 19:08
9. M_lanie Bernier (CoachChris.ca / Multisport_Zone) 20:14
DNF Cayley Brooks (Trek Canada MTB Team/New Lowell)
DNF Ashley Barson (CoachChris.ca / Multisport_Zone)
DNF Heather Gray (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)

Senior Elite, Under 23 Male
1. Mitchell Bailey (Trek Canada MTB Team/Barrie) 2:00:11
2. Tyson Wagler (3 Rox Racing from Shakespeare) 01:23
3. Zachary Hughes (Norco Factory Team/Winterbourne) 01:29
4. Danny Souter (KHS Bicycles from Kitchener) 04:00
5. Mike Garrigan (Lapierre Canada/Hillsburgh) 04:55
6. Jacob McClelland (from Hawkestone) 06:56
7. Jon Kinsie (Lapierre Canada from Kitchener) 08:18
8. Jon Winfield (Team Hardwood/Trek from Barrie) 08:43
9. Andrew De Cal (Liberty! Bicycles) 10:22
10. Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing from Oshawa) 10:39
11. Jon Slaughter (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC) 10:58
12. Timothy Carleton (RideAllDay.ca CC p/b Real Deal Racing) 11:54
13. Simon Wagler (Two Wheel Express/Shakespeare) 13:12
14. Kelsey Krushel (Lapierre Canada from Caledon) 13:16
15. Jerome Samson (Sweet Pete`s from Toronto) 13:23
16. Trevor Montague (CoachChris.ca / Multisport_Zone) 14:16
17. Chris Fruetel (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC) 19:02
18. Jamie Wagler (Two Wheel Express/Kitchener) 20:12
19. Cory Hancock (3 Rox Racing from Ennismore) 23:35
20. Matthew Farquharson (Lapierre Canada from Bolton) 24:09
21. Justin Henri (Liberty! Bicycles from Welland) 30:19
DQd Jarrod Forrest (The Hub Race Team/Calabogie) 13:54
DNF Preston Wagler (3 Rox Racing from Shakespeare)
DNF Zach Winn (from Port Hope)
DNF Scott Lynch (NovoFit Cycling Solutions)
DNF James Clarke (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s CC)
DNF Jared Stafford (Norco Factory Team/Newmarket)
DNF Stu Alp (KHS Bicycles from Guelph)
DNF Guy Vankrimpen (Reactivated Racing)

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