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Pinner’s Peloton, Volume 4

January 1, 2005 – It is that time of year again. With the New Year only a few hours old I have felt compelled to compile a few resolutions and share a few of them with you. I do not normally make grandiose plans that all begin when the clock strikes twelve, and 2005 will not be any exception. This is mostly because I have avoided the common hobbies that are at the heart of most resolutions. I do not smoke, don’t overly drink, have a body mass index less than 30, and haven’t picked up an illicit drug habit.

While I have avoided many of the world’s common vices, I do resolve to improve on some of the vices…err shortcomings, nay…areas for improvement that I have as a cyclist, a student and as a member of the human race. Therefore, without further a due, here are Andrew Pinfold’s resolutions (in no particular order) for year the twenty and five:

-Finish my thesis or at the very least start it.
-When on the road, try to be neater in hotel rooms by reducing the size of my mess/pile.
-Take my vitamins and minerals every day.
-Win at least one big bike race and a few smaller ones.
-Join a political party of some kind, I’m just not sure which one yet.
-Replace the rear brake light on my Civic, as well as the headlight on my scooter(it is a ’83 Honda C70 if anyone out there has got a spare bulb)
-Jam on the guitar with the Symmetrics mechanic, Wild Bill (not only is Bill the best wrench out there, he has played on Weird Al records).
-If Canada sends a team pursuit team to the Commonwealth Games, to be on it. I know the Games are in 2006, but….
-Keep up with my Swiss ball exercises for the entire season, not just for the first month. Eric W. will provide inspiration.
-Get carded, both by the government and at the bar (I would like to feel younger).
-Help develop good nicknames for my new teammates. I have no ideas for Christian Meier (any takers?).
-Improve on my time trialling in distances greater than 4 km. I know that -I am capable of breaking one hour for 40 km…I just need to believe.
-Be part of the solution, not the problem.

I am certain that there are more things that I would like to do, change, or achieve in the coming year I just can’t quite think of them. If I do maybe there will be an addendum, in the mean time though, I wish you all a safe and happy new year.



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