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Pinarello TV Ad Aims at Wealthy Canadians

release by Uno Imports

February 25, 2011 – Beginning March 1, Uno Imports will be launching the new Pinarello television campaign on Business News Network, a division of CTV network. This new advertising campaign will hit 6.2 Million households for the month of March across Canada.

Business News Network (BNN) is Canada’s only television service devoted exclusively to business and finance news with wall-to-wall coverage of global market activity with a Canadian perspective.

WHY BNN news network?
The demographics fit the Pinarello product line perfectly. Upscale profile over-indexing versus the population in terms of Post-Secondary education (Index 165) with Household Income of $75K+ (Index 242), heavy consumers of luxury goods and services: BNN viewers are more likely to have spent $30K+ on a new car in the past 2 years with preference for imported vehicles, spend $1,000+ on home improvements and spend over $2,000+ on outdoor sporting activities and goods. Bicycling is one of those sports.

By running the new Pinarello television spots now in the month of March will drive added interest in the high-end sales for the Pinarello Dogma 60.1 to the new FP Quattro models against our competitors. This will also drive interest to all Pinarello dealers across Canada. Start watching BNN news starting March 1st to see the new “Think Asymmetric” – Pinarello 30sec ad.

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