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Pierre-Olivier Boily – Looks to the Future After Serious Car Accident

January 17, 2006 — Quebec cyclist Pierre-Olivier Boily, pilot for tandem duo with teammate Stéphane Côté, out-raced death on Sunday night, January 8. Boily was returning from dinner with a friend on Highway 10 at Exit 140 (near Sherbrooke), when a vehicle approached them driving in the wrong direction down the highway. The resul was a head-on collision which instantly killed the 74-year old man driving the other vehicle.

Boily’s leg and pelvis were fractured, as well as his knee and ankle. “For the moment I’m completely dependant on others,” commented Boily who’s ungone surgery several times already. “Now I’m feeling better and I’m in good spirits. Sure my riding plans are trashed, but you can’t stop there.”

When teammate Stéphane Côté heard of Boily’s accident he was in a state of shock. “When I heard the news I was beside myself. Since then we’ve spoken a lot, and everything’s fine — we’ll come back even stronger next year,” said Côté.

“P-O isn’t just a teammate, he’s someone I’ve spent the majority of my time with for the past four years. During our preparation for the 2004 Olympics I think I spent more time with him than with my girlfriend! Certainly the accident has a huge impact in terms of being an athlete, but above all it’s tough simply as a person,” added Côté.

Boily hasn’t begun to walk yet but he is approaching the accident with philosophy and humour. “I’d rather be here than dead, I just don’t want them to have to do an anti-doping test!,” he quipped.

“The fractures will repair themselves, and at least I didn’t lose a limb. Of course, then I would have become a handisport athlete. Overall I’m very lucky and I still want to ride and I know I will ride. I’m very motivated and there are many people who are supporting me,” he added.

Note to readers: a bulletin board has been created by Guy Maguire on the Veloptimum site for those who wish to send their best wishes and encouragement to Pierre-Olivier Boily. You can send emails to svpsports@gmail.com – messages received will be published on the following page:

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