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Pierre-Olivier Boily In Car Accident

January 10, 2006 — Pierre-Olivier Boily, National team member and Paralymic tandem pilot rider with Stéphane Côté, was involved in a serious car accident near Sherbrooke, Quebec on Sunday evening, January 8. Boily was returning home from a dinner at a friend’s parents home when he collided with a car approaching in the opposite direction just before reaching Sherbrooke. Unfortunately the driver of the other car was killed.

The 24-year-old Boily received multiple fractures, injured his right ankle, two tibiae, his left knee, and his right hip. He is currently hospitalized in the Hospital complex of the University of Sherbrooke, Fleurimont house.

“I did not have time to react and there was a head-on collision. The police estimated that the vehicle that hit us was travelling around 100 km/hour. For my part, I was going about 100-110 km/hour”, said Boily.

Boily has had two operations with one more still to come. “I am considered very lucky to be alive. It is obvious that for the moment, I’m really not thinking about cycling,” added Boily. A young woman travelling with Boily also received several injuries and fractures.

For more on the accident and to send your well wishes for his speedy recovery – www.geocities.com/velonouvelle/art/6/1jan/Velop9.html

Pedal joins the FQSC in wishing Pierre-Olivier Boily a speedy recovery.

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