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Pedal’s TDF 2014 Contest

by pedalmag.com

Welcome to Pedal’s 2014 TdF contest featuring over $5,000 in fabulous prizes. Register your team of up to nine (9) riders and score points based on your team’s performance throughout the 2014 Tour to win. The Grand Prize is a fabulous Lapierre Sensium 300 FDJ bike with the first runner up winning a Easton EA90 SLX 25mm road tubeless clincher wheelset. Third prize is a cool Rudy Project Bundle including WIng57 Helmet and Agon ImpactX Sunglasses.

There are great prizes for the top 10 point winners at the end of the Tour with some prizes still to be announced – plus there are prizes for the leaders on the stage before each of the two Rest Days as well.

Pedal’s 2014 TdF Contest Prize List
1st Prize
Lapierre Sensium 300 FDJ Road Bike – SRP $2,500
2nd PrizeEaston EA90 SLX Road Wheelset – SRP $1,690
Rudy Project – WIng57 Helmet+Agon ImpactX Sunglasses – SRP $775
4th PrizeSpecialized 74 Road Shoes – SRP $430
5th Prize – Crateworks Pro XL-C Bike Box – $279
6th Prize – Time Xpresso 10 Pedals – SRP $260
7th PrizeGarneau Europcar Kit – SRP $200
8th Prize2x Vredestein Senso Clincher Tires (700×23) – SRP $150

9th Prize – Birzman Tiny Tanker Pump – SRP $82
10th Prize – Buff Headware Cap Pro Buff + Infinity Buff – SRP $81
11th Prize – Impac Commuter Padded Shorts – SRP $50

Rest Day Prizes
– Top 3 contestants – choice of Pedal T-Shirt or Pedal 1-yr subscription

Contest Rules
• the official TdF 2014 rider list is now available and you can register your team via the link below
• contest entrants may register (or revise) their 9-member team by Friday, July 11, 2014 (Stage 7) at 10pm EST
• each entrant may only enter one team
• if the team name you select has already been chosen you will be prompted to select another
• you must supply your full name and e-mail address to be eligible to win any prizes
• all prize winners agree to allow their names to be published at pedalmag.com and/or in Pedal Magazine
• points will be awarded as per the detailed Points scale below based on daily and overall rider performances
• the winner of Pedal’s Tour de France Contest is the contestant that scores the most points at the end of the Tour.
• in the event of a tie the highest point total on GC placements will determine the winner, followed by the number of stage wins, the number of second places etc.
• in the event of a tie because of identical team members the team that registered first will determine the winner
• the contest is open to all players but only contestants living in Canada or the USA may win prizes.
• employees or freelancers of Pedal Magazine are not eligible to win any prizes
• Prize substitutions are at the discretion of the supplier
• winners will be announced on Aug. 4, 2014

                                                             Register Your Team HERE.

Stage Results –
each day

1st – 15 pts
2nd – 12
3rd – 10
4th – 8
5th – 6
6th – 5
7th – 4
8th – 3
9th – 2
10th – 1

Classifications/Team Results – each day

– Yellow Jersey (Overall): 10 pts
– Sprint Jersey (Sprint): 5
– Polka Dot Jersey (Mtns): 5
– White Jersey (Young Rider): 5


Final GC (top 20)

1 – 25
2 – 20
3 – 18
4 – 16
5 – 14
6 – 12
7 – 10
8 – 9
9 – 8
10 – 7
11 – 6
12 – 5
13 – 4
14 – 3
15 – 2
16-20 – 1

Final Classification

Yellow Jersey: 25 pts (see final GC)
Green Jersey: 15 pts
– White Jersey: 15
– Polka Dot Jersey: 15
– Team: 15

Tour Xtras

Bonus Team Points – if your team finishes the with all 9 riders you receive 9 bonus points
Pedal to the Metal Points – for any rider who wins three (3) or more stages receive 10 bonus points
Bastille Day Points – a French rider winning the stage on July 14 (stage 10) and/or wearing the yellow jersey that day (leading after the stage on stage 9) scores double points for those receptive classifications.
Doping De-Points – for any rider who tests positive up to 7 days after the Tour (August 3) loses all points earned by that rider.

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  1. JFP, Alberta, Canada says:

    This points break down is different than last year. Are you purposefully missing the daily white, polka dot and team points?

  2. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    Should be easier to tweak your team. How about a button on the HOME PAGE getting us directly to our team for points score or as of tomorrow making last minute changes.

  3. JFP, Alberta, Canada says:

    Still missing combative and team stage points from last year.

    Hope you guys developed a new algorithm to account for the changes.

  4. Alsboys, on, canada says:

    how do I even get to a page to enter the teams ????

  5. rhp96, QC, Canada says:

    Is there a standings page?

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