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Pedal\’s Canadian Cycling Awards 2004 – Winners!

January 15, 2005 – The votes are in! After tallying the ballots, the Pedal Canadian Cycling 2004 Awards are as follows. No huge surprise that Michael Barry, with his seventh place at the Championship of Zurich and victory in the first stage of the Tour of Spain, took the Best Cyclist Overall. Hot on his tail was Canadian stalwart Alison Sydor, followed by Olympic silver medalist Marie-Hélène Prémont. Barry also took best Road Cyclist, which was won by Quebec’s Lyne Bessette in the female category. Top Men’s MTB was Geoff Kabush, after a stellar season, and Prémont took the honours in the women’s . Rocky Mountain blew away the competition in best women’s AND men’s MTB team; in the tight race for best road teams of the year, Symmetrics Cycling took best women’s team and placed second behind men’s winner Jet Fuel Coffee. Check out the awards and congratulations to all the winners!

Best Cyclist Overall :
1. Michael Barry 2. Alison Sydor 3. Marie-Hélène Prémont

Best Male MTB Cyclist:
1. Geoff Kabush 2. Ryder Hejsedal 3. Roland Green

Best Female MTB Cyclist:
1. Marie-Hélène Prémont 2. Alison Sydor 3. Chrissy Redden

Best Male DH Cyclist:
1. Mathieu Laurin 2. Eric Goss 3. Mike Jones 3. Dustin Adams

Best Female DH Cyclist:
1. Danika Schroeter 2. Michelle Dumaresq 3. Sylvie Allen

Best Male Road Cyclist:
1. Michael Barry 2. Gord Fraser 3. Svein Tuft

Best Female Road Cyclist:
1. Lyne Bessette 2. Geneviève Jeanson 3. Sue Palmer

Best Male Track Cyclist:
1. Zach Bell 2. Martin Gilbert 3. Glen Rendall

Best Female Track Cyclist:
1. Lori-Ann Muenzer 2. Erin Carter 3. Mandy Poitras

Best Jnr. Male MTB
1. Raphael Gagne 2. Mark Batty 3. Jean-Nicolas Lavertu

Best Jnr. Female MTB Cyclist:
1. Olivia Gagne 2. Emily Batty 3. Sarah Coney

Best Jnr. Male DH Cyclist:
1. Kyle Ritchie 2. Guillaume Soucy-Alarie 3. Justin Brown

Best Jnr. Male Road Cyclist.
1. Raphael Tremblay 2. Eric Boily 3. Charley Vives

Best Jnr. Female Road Cyclist:
1. Naomi Cooper 2. Emily Batty 3. Mylene Laliberte

Best Jnr. Male Track Cyclist:
1. Charly Vives 2. Raphael Tremblay 3. Lawrence Leroux

Best Jnr. Female Track Cyclist:
1. Mylene Laliberte 2. Naomi Cooper 3. Joelle Numainville

Best Pro Male BMXer:
1. Cory Banks 2. Aaron Lepp 3. Tyson McCrea

Best Pro Female BMXer :
1. Samantha Cools 2. Christine Miller 3. Melanie Desrochers

Best Amateur Male BMXer
1. Tory Nyhaug 2. Everett Hoath 3. Ward Pateman

Best Amateur Female BMXer
1. Rosemary Adams 2. Michilla Negenman 3. Sue Hetherington

Best Men’s Road Team
1. Jet Fuel Coffee 2. Symmetrics Cycling 3. Gears Racing

Best Women’s Road Team:
1. Symmetrics Cycling 2. Rona 3. Genesis-Scuba

Best Men’s MTB Team
1. Rocky Mountain Business Objects 2. Gears Racing 3. Kona

Best Women’s MTB Team:
1. Rocky Mountain Business Objects 2. Gears Racing 3. Devinci

Best Crash:
1. Charlie Squires At Corsa Italia

Best Sportsperson
1. Lesley Tomlinson

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